DIY: Pumpkin Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids (Fun For Halloween!)

Today we decided to start an early Halloween project. We thought it would be fun to make a pumpkin out of toilet paper rolls! It was a very inexpensive craft for kids and also great to use recycled items! These would be great for a Halloween decoration at a party, hanging them with a string

DIY: Toilet Paper Roll Bunny Rabbit Craft For Kids

This is one of my favorite toilet paper roll crafts for kids that I have made. This bunny rabbit project is sooo cute! It turned out really well and was very cheap to make. All you really need is a recycled empty toilet paper rolls, glue, and pink tissue paper! This would be a fun

DIY: Wonder Woman Bracelet Cuffs (Easy Super Hero Kid’s Craft)

Today we had some extra toilet paper rolls and decided to play super heroes! We made Wonder Woman cuffs for my 3 year old friend. These would be great for a birthday party or just a fun rainy day craft for kids! Cut a slit down two toilet paper rolls. Draw a star on each

DIY: Turbo The Snail Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids

Inspired by the Disney movie Turbo, we decided to make a little snail out of toilet paper rolls! It was very easy to do and can be modified in any way you want. Turbo’s head should of been orange, oh well, next time! 🙂 Start by cutting a toilet paper roll in half (or smaller)

DIY: Despicable Me Minion Water Bottle Craft For Kids (Cover Tutorial)

Today me and the kiddos decided we wanted to make some minion water bottles! This idea is great for birthday parties, a bowling pin activity, and other games for children. Each guest can get their own water bottle with a minion on it! It doesn’t matter how small or big your bottle is, you can

DIY: Make Healthy Pizza Lunchables (Kid Approved Recipe!)

All kids love Lunchables but sometimes you wonder if they are actually any good for them nutrition wise! Today we made some of our own pizzas using healthy whole wheat flat bagels and some other ingredients. Not only could this save you money (those new “gourmet” ones cost over $3 for tiny pizzas!) but it

Penguin GoldFish Cracker Counting to 5 Activity & Craft For Kids (Preschoolers)

We had tons of fun doing this craft! It is a penguin goldfish counting activity for preschoolers or young children. We only chose to go up to number 5 but you could definitely do 10! Materials Needed: -Black, Orange, White Construction Paper -Glue Stick -Tape (optional) -Goldfish Crackers -Black Marker First start by cutting out

A Look into My Couponing Stockpile With Pictures

I thought I would share some of my stockpile today from all my couponing adventures! I always love to see other peoples stockpiles just to see how they organize theirs. Mine has A LOT of work to do to get done in that department but i’m pretty proud of what I have! Here is my

DIY: Make a Tractor out of Twizzler Bites (Cheap Kid’s Craft)

Here is a great and inexpensive way to do an activity improving kids fine motor skills. All you need is twizzler bites (99 cents at my grocery store), a black marker, scissors, and a green sheet of construction paper. The great part about this craft is that you don’t even need to glue it down

DIY: Cheap Handprint Frog Craft For Kids

This is a very easy craft to do with small children. Not only is it fun for the kids but it also is a great keepsake for parents to look at years down the road. All you need is two pieces of green construction paper, 1 piece of white paper, a black marker, scissors, and