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Beer Glass Gift Filled w/ Candy & Marshmallows

Get dad or grandpa a nice beer glass and fill it with goodies for a great gift he can laugh about! I think this would be perfect for a Father’s Day or birthday gift. All you need is a beer glass, butterscotch candies, and marshmallows! Get him a fancy glass like a Stella Artois if

4th of July Strawberries (Red, White, & Blue Treats)

If you’re having a 4th of July or Memorial Day party, consider making these adorable red, white and blue strawberries! Not only are they a healthier option than most desserts, but they are surely a crowd pleaser. I brought these to a party and EVERYONE just loved them! How to Make Red, White, and Blue Strawberries

Dad’s Root Beer Father’s Day Gift Idea

Here’s a simple last minute Father’s Day gift idea for dad! Grab a bottle of Dad’s Root Beer and make your own baseball tag to put on it! Easy and cheap to do! You will need white paper, a bottle of Dad’s old fashioned root beer, twine, and a red/black marker. Start by cutting out

“You’re The Sweetest” BBQ Sauce Father’s Day Gift Idea

Who doesn’t love Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce?! It’s the perfect Father’s Day gift that dads will actually use! If you need a last minute gift this one fits the bill! There are many flavors of this brand so choose his favorite! I picked this brown sugar one since the word “sweetest” ties it all together! You

Funny Spatula Father’s Day Gift Idea

If your dad is a grill master, consider getting him a new fancy spatula to use! The best part is you can give it to him for a Father’s Day gift and include a clever tag to make him smile! Think of all the phrases you can come up with use the word “flippin’” …just like

Healthy Watermelon Flower Snack for Kids

Here’s a cute healthy snack idea for your kids! If they don’t like green peppers you can always leave those out…the flowers are still cute. You will need watermelon, cantaloupe, and green peppers to make these!   Start by cutting watermelon slices into flower petal shapes…you will need 5 for each flower. Next, make “balls”

Chick Breakfast for Kids Using Eggs & Cheese

If you want to surprise your kids with an adorable breakfast…try making an egg and cheese chick! It’s pretty easy to make (besides cutting the cheese part) and is semi-healthy for the kiddos! You will need 2 eggs, 2 raisins, and 2 pieces of cheese! Start by scrambling the eggs in a small pan and

Mother’s Day Surprise – Hidden Banana Messages

  Have you ever seen bananas with pictures or words on them?! It is the perfect surprise for a mom on Mother’s Day! Have the banana flipped over to the blank side so when they pick it up, they’ll see the message! You could also pack one in their lunch for work (if they work on

Cheap Thread Storage Idea: Clothespins

If you’re looking to organize your embroidery thread, yarn, or any other strings you have…this is the perfect solution! You can grab a bag of clothespins at the dollar store and start wrapping them! Put the last strand in the “pinchers” of the clothespin so you’re ready to go when you need it! No more