Decorate Easter Eggs with Straws and Paint

 If you want to decorate your Easter eggs differently this year, try using a straw! It’s not the easiest project so I would recommend it to a little older kids. Since eggs are not completely flat, it can sometimes be a challenge to get the circle look! Aren’t they cute?! You will need a straw, eggs,

Make Bunny Ears using Kid’s Fingerprints

This is one of the easiest bunny crafts to do! Just use your kiddo’s fingerprints to make the bunny’s ears. This would be a cute Easter card idea! You’ll need white paper, white paint, 2 googly eyes, glue, a button, scissors, a black marker, and a ribbon. Start by cutting out a white circle for

Jelly Bean Bunny Craft for Kids

If you have some left over jelly beans, consider having your kids make a jelly bean bunny! Not only is it fun to make but they can have a treat afterwards! Use any color combination of jelly beans that you want to. You will need jelly beans, a piece of paper, pencil, glue, and markers!

Chick Potato Stamping Craft for Kids

 Before you throw your old potatoes out, make some cute chick crafts with your kids! It’s an easy art project that any child could do including toddlers. I think it’s perfect for an Easter card! You will need yellow paint, a potato, a knife, 2 googly eyes, glue, scissors, paintbrush, and orange construction paper.  

Use a Potato to Make a Bunny Stamp (Kids Craft)

If you have any red potatoes that are starting to turn brown on the insides, use them to make a cute bunny craft! They are perfect for making homemade stamps! This is a fun and easy Easter craft for kids to do 🙂 Note that adults will need to use a knife to cut the

Make a Chick Craft Using a Fork

I wanted to get creative today so while I was making dinner, I saw a fork and thought it could make a chick! ….and it WORKED! It makes an adorable fluffy chick that kids can make all by their selves. It’s the perfect farm or Easter craft to do! Awww… You will need yellow washable

Make an Easter Frame Craft Using a Cereal Box

Here’s a sweet Easter frame gift kids can make to give to their friends, families, or whoever they want! You can either put a piece of paper on the back or put a real picture! It’s a super cute keepsake 🙂 You will need scissors, a cereal box, paint, buttons, a marker, and glue. Start

Easy Pom Pom Chicks Craft for Kids

If you’re looking for an extremely simple Easter craft, this is it!! Grab some yellow pom poms and you can make some adorable chick crafts. These would be adorable on a homemade Easter card, etc! Aren’t they cuties?! You will need a piece of paper, an orange marker, yellow pom poms, and glue. Start by

Fingerprint Easter Egg Decorating for Kids

Can’t decide how to decorate your Easter eggs this year? Have fun with your kids by making fingerprint easter eggs! We made a bunny, chick, and carrot on top of recycled toilet paper rolls! Very cheap to make (the acrylic paint was 50 cents a bottle at Walmart!) You will need acrylic paint, hard boiled

Paper Plate Chick Craft Using Easter Grass

Easter grass is on sale right now for about $1 a bag so it’s the perfect time to make a cute chick craft for Easter! It is super easy to make, even for the younger kids! You will need a paper plate, orange construction paper, glue, yellow easter grass,  2 googly eyes, and scissors. Start