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Well hello there! Welcome to! My name is Michelle and I am the owner of this site. You will find lots of fun things to look at around here including…

Freebies– I love to find legitimate freebies from companies that you can request! A lot of times there are only a limited amount available so I try to post as quickly as I can, the best place is to follow my freebies page or my Facebook page!

  • You can see what freebies I have gotten in the mail here! They really do come…check out 3 of my hauls below!


Amazon Deals/Online Bargains– Throughout the day I find great deals online and love to share them with you all! If you have a Amazon Prime account, you will surely love me 🙂

Printable Coupons – I have a whole page of coupons that you can print from!

Food Deals– Who doesn’t love to eat? Let me help you save some money on your restaurant bill with coupons and specials!


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