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Salt Fireworks Craft for Kids

If you have some salt and food coloring, have your kiddos make some firework art projects for the 4th of July! It’s super easy and turns out pretty cool! You will need salt, food coloring, black paper, straw/dropper, and a bottle of glue. Start by having kids draw on the black paper with the glue

Crushed Fruit Loop Fireworks Craft for Kids

Today we decided to get out our old box of fruit loops and use them to make a fun fireworks art project! You don’t need very many fruit loops to do this craft and it’s a yummy smelling 4th of July activity 🙂 You will need red and blue fruit loops, a piece of white paper,

Footprint American Flag Craft for Kids

I love using kids footprints for crafts! Today we made some American flags for a 4th of July art project! It’s easy and can be a great keepsake for parents or grandparents. You will need a foot, paint, a paintbrush, silver glitter, and a piece of paper. Start by painting your child’s foot red leaving

Make Firework Prints Using a Toothbrush

Have your kiddos make this fireworks art project by using an old toothbrush! Frugal and easy for kids to make! It’s a great craft idea to do for the 4th of July or Memorial day! You will need paint, a toothbrush, glitter, and a piece of white paper. Have your kids dip their toothbrush into paint

Fireworks Craft for Kids Using Straws

4th of July is coming up and it’s time for the kids to make some crafts! Consider buying a $1 bag of straws so they can make some cool fireworks! It’s the perfect art project that is quick and turns out neat for the holiday 🙂 You will need 7 straws, paint, and a piece

Yarn Fireworks Craft for Kids to Make

If you have red, white, and blue yarn you can have your kids make a fireworks craft! It’s a simple art project that they can do for the 4th of July or Memorial Day! You will need yarn, glue, scissors, glitter, and a piece of black paper. Have the kids cut small pieces of each

Pipe Cleaner Fireworks Craft for Kids

If you have extra pipe cleaners laying around, consider making some fireworks with your kiddos! It’s pretty simple to make and it looks cool afterwards. It’s a great art project to celebrate the 4th of July or Memorial Day! You will need pipe cleaners, paint, glitter, and a piece of black paper. How to make

Pom-Pom American Flag Painting Craft for Kids

Sometimes using a regular paintbrush can get boring so grab some clothespins and pom-poms to make a cool American flag craft! This is fun and easy for kids to do on the 4th of July or Memorial Day. You will need paint, 3 clothespins, and white paper. Start by having the kids pinch a pom-pom in

Dish Brush Dandelions Craft for Kids

I always loved dandelions as a child so I thought it’d be fun to try making dandelions by stamping a dish brush with paint on it! I feel like the older the dish brush is, the better because the bristles are more flexible to make the wispy parts around the edges. Have fun 🙂 Your