Handprint Football “I’m Your #1 Fan” Father’s Day Card

I babysat my 7 year old buddy yesterday and I figured we could make a Father’s Day card early! We decided to make this handprint football craft which turned into a creative card with the saying “I’m your number 1 fan dad!” Love how it turned out! You will need brown/white paint, a paintbrush, a

Fingerprint Dandelion Craft For Kids + Card Idea

Here’s a beautiful card idea that anyone would love to get! You can make fingerprint dandelions using just paint! Kids love to get their fingers messy and they turned out very cute. Give a card for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentines, etc! I think the phrase “I think you’re dandy and i’m not lion!” is

“I Love You Berry Much” Fingerprint Raspberry Card Idea

Here’s a cute card idea that kids can make for any occasion including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines, etc! They just have to use their fingerprints to make these adorable raspberries! You will need red/purple/green washable paint, a piece of white cardstock paper, a tiny paintbrush, and a black marker. Start by mixing red and

Handprint Pirate Craft for Kids (Card Idea)

Have your kids make this adorable handprint pirate craft! It’s fun for them to make and the card ideas are endless! For example, you can say “You’re GRRReat Mom!” for a Mother’s Day card or switch it to “dad” for a father’s day card! Arrgh! You will need red/black/white/skin colored paint, a black sharpie, 1 googly eye,

Fingerprint Hot Air Balloon Craft for Kids

Here’s a fun craft for kids using their fingerprints! Make a hot air balloon with just paint! For younger kids you may want to draw an outline of a hot air balloon first so they are guided. You will need washable paint, paper and a black marker. Have the kids dip their pointer finger in blue paint

Fingerprint Pineapple Craft for Kids

Who doesn’t love pineapple? Why not have your kids make their own fingerprint pineapples!? It’s an easy craft that they can do for summer! You will need yellow/green/brown washable paint, a piece of paper, and a paintbrush. Have the kids dip their fingers in the yellow paint first and make a pineapple shape. Add the

“Love You Bunches” Kids Thumbprint Grapes Card

Have your kids make this cute card for their moms or any other special person! All you need is their thumbprints and paint to make this grapes Mother’s Day card! At the top it says “Love you bunches, mom!” 🙂 I think any mom would love to get this card. You will need washable green/purple

Fingerprint Bee Mother’s Day Card for Kids to Make

Have your kids make this adorable fingerprint bee Mother’s Day card! It’s so cheap to make! In fact we used 50 cent acrylic paint from Walmart, a free pink paint sample, and a 50 cent black sharpie to do it!   You could also write other “bee” quotes on the card, just google them 🙂 You

Make Bunny Ears using Kid’s Fingerprints

This is one of the easiest bunny crafts to do! Just use your kiddo’s fingerprints to make the bunny’s ears. This would be a cute Easter card idea! You’ll need white paper, white paint, 2 googly eyes, glue, a button, scissors, a black marker, and a ribbon. Start by cutting out a white circle for

Mallard Duck Handprint Craft For Kids

Here’s a fun duck handprint craft that kids can EASILY make! I think it turned out really cute and can be incorporated into lessons about birds, ducks, water, etc! You will need brown paint, a paintbrush, green/yellow feathers, glue, scissors, a googly eye, and green/yellow construction paper to make this. Start by painting your childs