DIY: Ladybug Number Counting and Matching Activity/Craft For Kids

Here is a great and CHEAP activity for young children learning their numbers. Just make a ladybug out of construction paper and draw circles/dots for them to match the numbers to! It is such a simple craft for kids to do and they are learning math concepts at the same time, have fun! Cut out

DIY: Whale Milk Jug Kid’s Craft (Great For Water Play!)

This is probably one of my favorite crafts for kids because anyone can get a recycled milk jug! It is soo cute and the amount of use it gets is totally worth it. After the kiddos and I made this whale milk jug craft they seriously played with it in the pool the entire time.

Minion Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids (Despicable Me)

All kids love the popular movie Despicable Me so we decided to make a minion toilet paper roll craft! It is very cheap and easy to make. You can customize it anyway you want. I think the bottle cap makes the goggles look awesome! Materials Needed:-Toilet paper roll -Water bottle cap –Glue stick –Scissors –Black

DIY: Easy Tiger Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids

Here’s an easy toilet paper roll craft for kids! You can make a little tiger to play with that is very cheap to make.  Materials Needed: -Toilet Paper roll – Orange paper -Black marker -Glue Glue a piece of orange paper around half of a toilet paper roll. Draw black stripes coming towards the tiger’s

DIY: Easy Black Cat Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids (Great For Halloween!)

Here is an easy art project to do with the kids! You just need a toilet paper roll, paper, tape and scissors! I thought this would be a fun craft to do around Halloween time since black cats are kind of spooky 😉 Not only is this a simple kids craft but it’s also very

DIY: Count Dracula Vampire Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids (Halloween Idea!)

Here’s a great and cheap craft for kids to do for Halloween! Make Count Dracula the vampire out of a toilet paper roll and paper. You can customize this guy anyway you want so be creative! First get a toilet paper roll with a little TP left on it. Cut it so a little is

List of Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids

My favorite activity to do with kids are with making recycled toilet paper roll crafts! This is because they never believe me that we can make something fun out of one. All you need is scissors, glue, construction paper, and markers to make something creative! I encourage you to save your empty toilet paper rolls

DIY: Easy Corn Craft For Kids Using Real Popcorn

While babysitting a 2 and 3 year old we decided we wanted to do an art project! They had popcorn for a snack that day and had plenty of leftovers. I got the idea to make a corn stalk using the pieces! This was great for their age group because they got to be involved

DIY: Recycled Eggo Waffle Box House (Easy Kid’s Tape Craft)

I wanted to be creative yesterday with my two little friends and all we had was an empty Eggo waffle box. I kept staring at the box and finally decided I was going to attempt making a cardboard house with nothing but the box, scissors, and tape. It actually turned out way better than I

DIY: Butterfly Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids

Here is a pretty butterfly that we made out of toilet paper rolls! After we were done, we had to take our butterfly on a walk which liked to smell all the flowers 😉 You can customize this kids craft any way you want such as using different colors so be creative! Materials Needed: -Toilet