DIY: Make a Tractor out of Twizzler Bites (Cheap Kid’s Craft)

make a tractor out of twizzler bites a kids craft
Here is a great and inexpensive way to do an activity improving kids fine motor skills. All you need is twizzler bites (99 cents at my grocery store), a black marker, scissors, and a green sheet of construction paper. The great part about this craft is that you don’t even need to glue it down if you don’t want to! Once they make their twizzler tractor, they can eat them for a snack. 
twizzler bites craft
Pour the twizzler bites onto a white piece of paper in a pile.

twizzler art

Tell the kids to line them up straight to make a tractor, they might need a picture reference or help!

drawing a tractor out of twizzler bites
Draw on the smaller wheel in the front and bigger one in the back. Add a window, steering wheel, and any other details they want.

red twizzler tractor art project for kids
I thought it’d be cute to add some corn stalks and grass to make the picture even better! Have fun and be creative, you can make anything out of twizzlers.

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