What did I get in the mail for FREE this week?

  Hey guys! This week I have been getting some awesome freebies in the mail! It’s starting to pile up so I thought I better snap a picture before I put it all away 🙂 If you’re new, you can follow my freebies page to score stuff like this too! What I got for free:

Come See My Mailbox Freebies! (April 1-14th)

I’ve gotten some great freebies lately! Look at all those magazines! Did you guys get anything good?! If not, follow my freebies page to get cool stuff too! What I got for free: Easter egg stickers Nivea lotion Hefty bag Grain free dog food Sundown adult gummies Nature’s Bounty hair, skin & nails gummies Coupon

My Freebie Haul This Month! (March)

Hey guys! So I have been SO behind on doing my freebie posts that the last time I did one was in February! I apologize 🙂 My family is coming to visit and i’ve been trying to clean the house so I THINK this is all I got this month but who knows when people

My Awesome Mailbox Freebies! (Jan 20-Feb 1st)

These past 2 weeks were great for freebies! I got a lot of full size samples which is ALWAYS exciting! For the cereal and taco bell sauces, I am a BzzAgent where I get free stuff in return for reviewing them! I’m going to be writing a post soon about it because you all should

My Mailbox Freebies (January 6th-18th)

Here’s my freebie haul this week! I was so excited to finally get my Mary Kay lipstick in the mail but I opened it up and……it was DARK PURPLE!! I still can’t believe it, I will never wear it lol! You can get legit free stuff too by following my Freebies page. What I got

My Fun Mailbox Freebies! (December 23rd- January 4th)

Here are my freebies from the past two weeks! I was kind of overwhelmed with how much stuff I got haha sometimes you don’t know where to put everything! I got four calendars…one is not in the picture because it’s on my fridge 🙂 You can get all this cool free stuff too by following

My Mailbox Freebies – Yay for FULL SIZE Products!

I’m a little late but these are my freebies I got in the past 2 weeks! I really scored awesome stuff….I got FIVE full size products! 😀 I might of forgotten some freebies since my house is a MESS with Christmas stuff  so I apologize lol! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and don’t

My Mailbox Freebies (December 2nd-7th)

I didn’t get as many freebies as I’d like to but the ones I got were great this week! It’s very cool to receive a kids book for free that I can donate. You can get awesome legit freebies by following my Freebies Page too! What I got for free: Katie Woo Book US Weekly

My Mailbox Freebies! (November 11th-23rd)

First of all, I apologize about the quality of the picture it is kind of blurry from the glare of the window. Anywho…these past 2 weeks have been great for freebies! My favorite is getting my Red Hot kit in the mail from Smiley360 (you can sign up free too!) If you are interested in

My Mailbox Freebies This Week! (November 4th-9th)

This week made me super happy checking the mail! I got a WHOLE can of progresso soup! (thought i’d get a coupon to redeem instead) and 2 deodorants that are expensive in stores! You can get amazing free stuff too by following my freebies page 🙂 What I got for free: Tennis, US Weekly, Lego