Duck Handprint Craft for Kids

Ducks. Who doesn’t love ducks?! Today we decided to make a handprint duck craft to play with! It was VERY easy to make and my little 3 year old friend did everything by herself! I think Mr. Quackers turned out adorable and she made us take him everywhere the entire day. To make this duck

Bunny Rabbit Handprint Craft For Kids (Easter Idea)

We just HAD to make these adorable bunny rabbits today! Kids love getting messy with paint and this is the perfect craft to do so 🙂 It is very easy to make and you can customize it anyway you want! The only drawback is waiting for the white paint to dry before making their face.

Fingerprint Rainbow Pot of Gold Craft For St. Patrick’s Day

Here’s a cool kids craft for St. Patrick’s Day! Using their little fingerprints you can create this masterpiece! You will need white/black paper, rainbow paints, glue, scissors, and gold glitter. Start by having the child dip their pointer finger in the red paint and starting from the pot make an arch. Continue the different colors,

Leprechaun Handprint Craft For Kids (St. Patricks Day Idea)

Here’s a fun craft for kids to do for St. Pattys day! It involves painting their hands (they LOVE this part!) These leprechaun handprints can be used on St. Patrick’s Day cards as a gift or anything you want! All you need is orange/green/tan colored paint, googly eyes, a black sharpie, black/yellow paper, scissors, and

Valentine Heart Fingerprint Craft For Kids (DIY Card Idea)

This is a fun Valentine’s day craft for kids because they get to have their fingers messy! All you need is white paper, red washable paint, and a black sharpie to make these fingerprint heart people. Put red paint on the child’s thumb and press it down slanted a little. Do it again the opposite

DIY Angel Handprint Craft For Kids

Start by painting your child’s hand with white paint but NOT the thumb! Have them push it against a blue paper straight. On the outside you might need to help them angle their hands to make “angel wings.” Paint a circle with skin-color paint for the face. Before the paint dries, shake some silver glitter

Cute Christmas Handprint Crafts For Kids

Baby Jesus in a Manger Handprint Craft Rudolph Handprint Craft Santa Claus Handprint Craft Rudolph Toilet Paper Roll Handprint Craft Reindeer Handprint Craft Handprint Angel Craft Santa Handprint Craft   This post may contain affiliate links, read our Disclosure Policy.

DIY Baby Jesus In a Manger Handprint Craft For Kids

Today we made baby Jesus in a manger by using the kids handprints! It turned out super cute and was really easy to make. This would be cute for a Christmas card, gift tag, or anything else you can think of! Paint your child’s hand with brown washable paint. Push it against a white piece

Santa Claus Handprint Christmas Craft For Kids

Today we made Santa Claus from our handprints! This was a super fun activity for the kids, they loved getting their hands messy! All you need are washable paints and a black sharpie. This is a great Christmas art project to do on a budget! Start by painting your child’s hand like mine above. First

Baby Jesus in a Manger Fingerprint Craft For Kids at Christmas

Today we made baby Jesus in a manger out of complete fingerprints! It turned out great and was fairly easy for the kids to do. I made an example to show them first so they knew the basic outlines. This is a great idea for Christmas cards, gift tags, or just a fun art project