“You’re Out of this World” Milky Way/Footprint Rocket Card

If you’re looking for a creative gift or card idea, this one is great! Have your kids use their footprints to make a rocket and stick a milky way bar on it with the writing “You’re Out of this world!” Great for Father’s Day, valentines or any other occasion! Wouldn’t you just love to get

“I Love You Berry Much” Fingerprint Raspberry Card Idea

Here’s a cute card idea that kids can make for any occasion including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines, etc! They just have to use their fingerprints to make these adorable raspberries! You will need red/purple/green washable paint, a piece of white cardstock paper, a tiny paintbrush, and a black marker. Start by mixing red and

Plastic Animal Toy Valentine’s Idea

I saw these adorable plastic jungle animal valentines day and had to share! This idea is very frugal as you can buy those plastic animal toys at the dollar store! I think her little sayings on the paper hearts are so creative and funny! Made by RamShackle Glam Deer– “Happy Valentine’s Day, Deer!” Antelope– “I

Bumble Bee Twinkie Valentine Idea

Here’s a cute Valentine’s day gift idea! Make a twinkie bumble bee that you can write “Bee Mine” on it! I think these would be perfect for classroom treats. You will need a twinkie, black/yellow/white construction paper, gold glitter, scissors, and glue. Start by wrapping the twinkie in strips of black paper to look like

“I’m Hooked on You” Yarn Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

  I just wanted to share with you all the cutest Valentine’s Day gift idea! It is three spools of yarn with a label that says “I’m hooked on you valentine” How adorable is this? I am thinking it could be great for your friends who are crafty, a neighbor, a teacher, etc! This definitely

Easy Paper Heart Valentine’s Day Wreath

A fun Valentine’s Day craft is making a paper heart wreath! It’s a great piece to hang up on the fridge or anywhere in the house for a decoration. It’s very easy to make and you can customize it anyway you want. You will need a bunch of different scrapbook papers with designs on them.

Paper Towel & Food Coloring Valentine Craft

Here is a super cheap and hands-on Valentine craft to do with your kiddos! You will need a paper towel sheet, water, scissors, food coloring, and white paper. Start by cutting out a heart shape from the paper towel. Have the kids sprinkle water on top of it. Let them choose their food coloring colors

“You Rock My Socks Off!” Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Here’s an adorable Valentine’s Day gift idea for kids, women, or men! All you need is a pair of socks (we used the fuzzy kind), tape, scissors, and a printer! Here is the printable label that you can print off – just copy and paste into a word document. You can adjust the size anyway

Paper Chick Craft For Kids

Today we decided to make a duck (yes, a duck LOL) and it turned out looking like a little chick instead! So, we shall call it a chick 😉 It was pretty easy to make but required a lot of cutting. You could make this for Valentine’s Day since it’s made of mostly heart shapes,

Blowing Bubbles Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Instead of buying those expensive valentine cards, consider printing your own! To make these all you need is white paper, a printer, and little bubble tubes (you can buy 5/$1 at the dollar store!) Just tape the bubbles onto the piece of paper and sign their name. This one has the bubbles laying horizontal with