Shamrock Handprint Craft for St. Patrick’s Day

Today I ran across this adorable shamrock handprint craft for kids to do for St. Patrick’s Day! This art project was done in a classroom and I bet the kids had a blast making them! All you need is white paper, green washable paint, and a black sharpie. Have the kids paint their own hands

Rainbow Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars Craft for Kids

Make some fun rainbow binoculars out of toilet paper rolls! This is the perfect St. Patrick’s Day craft for younger kids so they can go look for leprechauns! I love how frugal this craft is and you can take the shamrock off after St. Patty’s day! You will need strips of colored paper, two toilet

Carrot Shamrock Stamping for St. Patrick’s Day

Carrots you say?! Yes! We tried making shamrocks from baby carrots today! It actually worked very well and they turned out adorable! You must use a knife/peeler so you might want to prep this craft before hand. It is great for a St. Patrick’s Day craft! These could be great to make a St. Patty’s

Shamrock Wand Craft for St. Patrick’s Day

For St. Patrick’s Day, we made a pretty shamrock wand craft! This is the perfect art project for little girls who love to play pretend fairies! It’s an easy craft to make and can entertain kids for hours! You can add more glitter on the shamrock to make it more sparkly! You will need green

Apple Shamrock Stamp Craft for St. Patrick’s Day

Here’s another genius shamrock craft idea for kids! You can make an apple stamp that is super easy and cheap to make. It’s perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! We made shamrocks with two different kinds of apples. You will need an apple, knife, green paint, construction paper, and a paper towel. Start by cutting the

Paper Plate Shamrock Sun Catcher for a St. Patrick’s Day Craft

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day we made some paper plate shamrock sun catchers! It is very cheap to make if you have some extra plates and Christmas tissue paper lying around 😉 It was a very gloomy day today with hardly any sun so I apologize these photos are kind of dark (bummer!) Hope

Cupcake Liner 4 Leaf Clover Craft for St. Patrick’s Day

If your kids would like to make a 4 leaf clover but are having difficulties drawing one, consider making this cupcake liner shamrock craft! It is pretty easy and it’s fun to decorate them green! You could use markers, paint, stickers, food coloring, or anything else you’d like. To make this craft you will need

Q-tip Shamrock Craft for St. Patrick’s Day

If you are looking for an EASY St. Patrick’s Day craft for kids, this one is for you! We made a Q-tip shamrock craft today! It was frustration-free and turned out very cute for a homemade St. Patty’s day card. Did I mention how frugal this craft is?! You will need a q-tip, paper, green

Popsicle Stick Leprechaun Puppet Craft for St. Patrick’s Day

Today we made a popsicle stick Leprechaun puppet! It was so easy and the kids loved playing pretend making him talk! It does not cost a lot to make and can be customized anyway you’d like him!  Let me know if you make your own little puppet 🙂 You will need a popsicle stick, glue,

Rainbow Chain Craft For St. Patrick’s Day

Here’s an easy St Patricks Day craft for the kids to make – a rainbow pot o’ gold chain link! It’s a great decoration piece for parties or to hang outside! I love how this art project turned out. You will need construction paper, scissors, gold glitter, glue, tape, and floss to make this. Start