Easy Fingerprint Candy Cane Christmas Craft For Kids

     Fingerprint crafts are my favorite to do with kids…we decided to make a candy cane today! All you need is red and white paint! Have the child dip their pointer finger from one hand in the red color and the same with the other using white paint. Have them alternate fingers to make

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Handprint Art Project For Kids

This handprint reindeer craft turned out SO cute! All you have to do is paint the child’s hands with brown paint and press it on a white paper. After that dries glue on some googly eyes and have the child dip their thumb in red paint to make Rudolphs red nose. You can add some

Fingerprint Christmas Tree Craft For Kids

If you’re looking for a cheap Christmas craft to do, this one is perfect! All you need are washable paints and a child’s finger 🙂 They just dip their pointer finger in paint and design a Christmas tree! Even the red star on top is drawn by a finger! Very cute art project to do

Handprint Santa Claus Craft For Kids

   This cute handprint santa project is simple to make and turns out super cute! Just paint the child’s hand with white paint and stamp it on a black piece of paper. Paint a red santa hat on top of it and have them dip their pointer finger in white paint to top off that

Handprint Reindeer Christmas Craft For Kids (Paint Project)

I love painting kids hands because you never know what reaction you’ll get. Some squirm in digust and some giggle with delight of getting messy! Today I painted a little girl’s hand and we ended up making 5 different handprint art projects because she loved having her hand full of paint ha ha! We decided

Fingerprint & Handprint Turkey Crafts For Kids on Thanksgiving

Today we decided to do an art project for Thanksgiving. The little girl I babysit always love to have her hands and fingers covered in paint so we decided to make handprint/fingerprint turkeys! They were super easy to make and she had so much fun doing it. I think this would be a great activity

Adorable Fingerprint Reindeer Craft For Kids

We did this Christmas craft with Kindergartners and they turned out SO cute! All you need is brown paint and have the kids dip their thumb in it and press down on the paper sideways. That creates the reindeer’s body then they should dip it again and press their thumb kind of slanted to make

Handprint Reindeer Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids (Rudolph)

I am so ready for Christmas to be here! We made a cute little reindeer craft for the kiddos today. We used their handprints as Rudolph’s antlers and they turned out adorable. We didn’t have a pom-pom like most people would use so we found some tissue paper that worked just fine! I think this

Rainbow Chalk Handprint Kid’s Craft (Preschool or Kindergarten Keepsake)

Here is a simple craft for kids in Preschool or Kindergarten. I know parents always love having a memory of how small their child’s handprint is so it’s a great keepsake gift! To make this present last longer consider using a laminator and a glue gun. Directions: 1. Rub the child’s hand with different color

DIY: I Love You Handprint Craft For Kids (Great Keepsake Gift!)

I was babysitting for a family one day and they told me the kid’s grandparents were coming later. I really wanted to have the kids make them something and then thought of this idea. What grandma doesn’t love their grandkid’s little handprints?! I think this “I love you” craft is super adorable and would be