Valentine Heart Cat Craft For Kids – "You’re The PURR-Fect Valentine!"

Here is a cute idea for a Valentine’s day card! You can make a kitty cat out of paper hearts! Glue it to a piece of paper and write “You’re the PURR-Fect Valentine” on it. You will need three red hearts (two big, one small) and a big pink heart. You will also need two

Valentine Heart Fish Craft For Kids

Make a heart fish for a Valentine’s Day art project! You will need two pink hearts about the same size, one big red tear drop shape cut-out, a big googly eye, and a small skinny heart. Glue one pink heart on the front for the face and one on the back for the fish’s tail.

Paper Plate Heart Craft For Kids

To make this cute heart art project, you will need a white paper plate, scissors, a paintbrush and pink paint! First start by folding a paper plate in half. Cut the plate how you normally would to make a heart but leave it attached at the bottom. Open it up and there should be a

Valentine Heart Fingerprint Craft For Kids (DIY Card Idea)

This is a fun Valentine’s day craft for kids because they get to have their fingers messy! All you need is white paper, red washable paint, and a black sharpie to make these fingerprint heart people. Put red paint on the child’s thumb and press it down slanted a little. Do it again the opposite

DIY Potato Stamping Craft For Kids (Valentine’s Day Idea)

If you have some potatoes laying around, consider making some cute stamps out of them! You can make any shape you want but we decided to make hearts and X’s for Valentine’s Day! First you’ll need to cut the potato in half. Get a pen or marker and draw the outline of the heart and

Valentine’s Day Heart Monkey Craft For Kids

 I’m always a sucker for monkey crafts. Today we made a Valentine’s day monkey craft for kids. He turned out adorable and it would be a great valentine card or gift idea. You will need four brown strips of paper and fold them back/forth. These will be the monkey’s arms and legs. Cut a body,

"You’re the Apple of my Eye" Valentine’s Day Gift Idea For Kids

We picked up these sliced apple bags from Costco this past weekend and thought they would be cute for Valentines! There is nothing better than a healthy, non-candy Valentine’s day treat for kids. You could also find smaller apple bags at grocery stores. Note that they are best when they are cold. All you need

DIY Banana Valentine’s Day Gift Idea – "You’re My Favorite of the Bunch"

I LOVE this idea so much! If you’re looking for a healthy Valentine’s Day gift idea this is perfect! Give your kiddos some small bananas with a cute tag attached. All you need are bananas, tape, scissors, and a printer. Above is the printable Valentine’s label that says “You’re my favorite of the BUNCH” Just

Pop-Tart Valentine’s Day Gift Idea For Kids

Here is a cute idea for a Valentine’s day gift! These pop-tarts are great to bring for classroom treats because they are non-candy!  All you need are pop-tarts, scissors, tape, and a printer. Above is the printable valentine’s label that says “Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweet-TART!” Just right click and save to your computer, then paste

Cheez-It Crackers Valentine’s Day Gift Bag Idea For Kids

This Valentine’s Day, consider buying the single packs of Cheez-its for the kiddos! They are the perfect Valentines gift that is non-candy to give! You will need a cheez-its bag, scissors, tape, and a printer. Above is the Valentine’s printable label to use that says “Say Cheez, Valentine!” Just right click and save to your