Heart Ladybug Valentines Day Craft For Kids

This is an easy heart Valentines day craft for the kiddos to do! All you need is red/pink/black construction paper, red paint, red pipe cleaner, glue, scissors, and two googly eyes. Start by cutting out a black circle from construction paper for the body and then a small oval for the ladybugs head. Take some

Cute Dog Valentines Day Craft For Kids

Materials Needed: –Red, Pink, White, Black Construction Paper –Scissors –Glue –Black marker Start by cutting out two big red and pink hearts from construction paper. Cut the pink heart in half to make the dog’s floppy ears. After that cut out a smaller black heart for the nose and two little white hearts for the

Owl Valentines Day Card Idea For Kids

You will need white, pink, and red construction paper. Cut out three small red hearts, and two big ones. You will need to cut one in half to make the owl’s wings. Cut a pink heart that is a little smaller than the red one to make the face. Glue on the owl’s heart beak

Valentines Day Elephant Craft For Kids (Toilet Paper Roll or Card)

Here is a cheap and easy Valentines Day craft for the kids to do! All you need to make an Elephant is purple  and pink construction paper, scissors, glue, and big googly eyes. This could be a Valentines card to give or just an art project! You will need to cut out three purple hearts