Fingerprint Dandelion Craft For Kids + Card Idea

Here’s a beautiful card idea that anyone would love to get! You can make fingerprint dandelions using just paint! Kids love to get their fingers messy and they turned out very cute. Give a card for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentines, etc! I think the phrase “I think you’re dandy and i’m not lion!” is

Handprint Flowers in Mason Jar Vases (Cute Gift Idea!)

I ran across this adorable Mother’s Day gift idea from 2 Bears and Counting and just HAD to share with you guys! She had her kids use their handprints to make the flowers and stuck them in painted mason jars! Head over here to see the full details on how to make them. What mother

“I Love You Berry Much” Fingerprint Raspberry Card Idea

Here’s a cute card idea that kids can make for any occasion including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines, etc! They just have to use their fingerprints to make these adorable raspberries! You will need red/purple/green washable paint, a piece of white cardstock paper, a tiny paintbrush, and a black marker. Start by mixing red and

“You’re One in a Minion” Card Idea

 Mother’s Day is almost here and this minion card is the perfect gift idea for kids to give their moms! I am pretty sure all mother’s have heard of Despicable Me so this is a cute idea to make 🙂 Note you can also make this for a Father’s Day card too! How to Make a

Mother’s Day Surprise – Hidden Banana Messages

  Have you ever seen bananas with pictures or words on them?! It is the perfect surprise for a mom on Mother’s Day! Have the banana flipped over to the blank side so when they pick it up, they’ll see the message! You could also pack one in their lunch for work (if they work on

“You’re PEARfect” Card Idea for Kids to Make

 This pear card is perfect for a Mother’s Day gift or any other special occasion! Kids paint a pear and then write at the top “Mom, You’re PEARfect!” or “We’re the perfect PEAR!”  I think any mom would love to receive this card! You will need green/brown paint, white paper, a paintbrush, green glitter, and

“Love You Bunches” Kids Thumbprint Grapes Card

Have your kids make this cute card for their moms or any other special person! All you need is their thumbprints and paint to make this grapes Mother’s Day card! At the top it says “Love you bunches, mom!” 🙂 I think any mom would love to get this card. You will need washable green/purple

“You Are My Sunshine” Noodle Card for Kids to Make

If you’re looking for an adorable card to make for someone special, this one is perfect! Kids can make them all by their selves using noodles and paint! At the top of the card it says “Mom, You are my sunshine!” which is perfect for Mother’s Day but you could use it for any occasion.

Toilet Paper Roll Crown Craft (Mother’s Day Card)

 Make this pretty Mother’s Day card by using a recycled toilet paper roll! It’s cheap to make and it’s pretty easy to do! I think moms would love it from their kids 🙂 You will need a toilet paper roll, silver sequins, glue, scissors, a marker and a white piece of cardstock paper. Start by cutting

Flower Pom Pom Painting Craft for Kids

Here’s a fun craft for kids to do for Spring or even for a Mother’s Day card! You can make beautiful flowers using paint, pom poms, and clothespins! I like using the clothespins because kids won’t get their little fingers all messy. Aren’t they so cute?! You will need paint, clothespins, 1 small and medium