Heart Bunny Rabbit Craft For Kids {Valentine’s Day Project}

This is a fun craft for kids! You can make a heart bunny rabbit for a Valentine’s Day art project. You will need red, pink, black and white construction paper, scissors, and glue.  Glue together the big red and pink hearts upside down, this will be the bunny’s body. Then glue a white heart at

Valentine’s Day Heart Caterpillar Craft For Kids

Here’s an easy and cute Valentine’s Day craft for the kids to make. All you need are two different colored pieces of paper, a black sharpie, two googly eyes, scissors, and a glue stick. Cut out three small hot pink hearts, two small peach colored hearts and one big one for the head. Glue the

Oreo Valentine’s Day Gift Idea For Kids

I just wanted to share the cutest Valentine’s Day idea I found from MadinCrafts! I know oreo cookies aren’t much better than candy but this is adorable. She made an oreo with the creme showing and the cookie part out of black/white paper. Then she stuck it to a baggy filled with two oreos, and wrote

"Bee Mine" Valentine’s Day Craft For Kids

This is a cute art project for kids to make for Valentine’s Day! It could be a Valentine card, gift, or just a fun craft. You will need two of the same size yellow hearts, a small pink heart, two tiny pink hearts, a yellow oval, a black pipe cleaner, a black marker, and black

“I Love You to Pieces” Heart Craft For Kids {Valentine Card Idea}

This craft is super easy for kids to do for Valentines! It is the perfect idea to make a Valentine’s Day card for parents, grandparents, or anyone else! Start by free drawing a big heart on a white sheet of paper, or you could print one off. Grab 5 different colored pieces of paper (we

Folded Heart Mouse Craft For Kids

If you’re looking for an easy Valentine’s Day craft for kids, this one is it! You can make this cute little heart mouse! All you need is pink paper, a black marker, glue, scissors, and a googly eye. Cut out a big light pink heart for the body, a stringy tail, and small heart for

DIY Valentine Heart Rings Made From Pipe Cleaners

If you have any red or pink pipe cleaners sitting around, try making one of these adorable heart rings for kids! It is super easy and would be a great idea for a party activity as well. Start by cutting a pipe cleaner however long you want it. Measure the pipe cleaner around your finger

Heart Pipe Cleaner Bird Feeder Craft For Kids

This is a simple activity for kids to do in their spare time. You can make a cute heart bird feeder by just using cheerios and a pipe cleaner! Start by having your child put cheerios through the pipe cleaner, stringing them on until they think it’s enough. Twist the bottoms together to make a

Paper Heart Penguin Craft For Kids

We decided to make an adorable heart shaped penguin today for our craft! This would be perfect for a Valentine’s day craft or just for fun. It’s very cheap and easy to make, my favorite 🙂 You will need a piece of orange, black, and white construction paper. You’ll also need a pair of big

"I Love You Beary Much" Valentine Bear Craft For Kids

This cute “I Love You Beary Much” craft requires a LOT of cutting so take note if you’re going to do this with younger kids. I think it would be best to have a cardboard stencil of every piece to make it easier for them!  You will need 2 sheets of brown construction paper, and