Lion Heart Craft For Kids

Here’s a fun lion craft made from just paper hearts! It’s a super easy art project for the kids to make. Since it uses hearts you could make this for a Valentine’s Day craft (boys hate the girly crafts lol). You will need orange/yellow/black construction paper, glue, scissors, and a black marker. Cut out a

Heart Tiger Craft For Kids

Today we made an adorable tiger made out of paper hearts! It was very easy and the boys loved making it. The girls said it could also be a kitty cat without the stripes! Since it uses all hearts, you could do this activity for Valentine’s Day or whatever else you’d like! Have fun! You

Heart Pig Craft For Kids

This cute pig made out of paper hearts is a fun craft for the kids! It is perfect for Valentine’s Day, a farm unit, etc! It is very easy to  make but you might want to make template cutouts of the hearts for the younger kids. You will need pink/red/black/white construction paper, glue, and scissors.

Panda Bear Heart Craft For Kids

Today we made a fun heart panda bear craft! It was very easy for the kids to make and it turned out very cute. Since you are cutting out mostly hearts, you can incorporate this art project for Valentine’s Day! You will need black/white construction paper, two googly eyes, scissors, a black marker, and glue.

Paper Heart Frog Craft For Kids

This adorable frog craft is perfect for kids to make! Almost the whole frog is made out of paper hearts! You could incorporate this frog for Valentine’s Day or just for fun! It is a cheap and easy art project to make. You will need two green sheets of construction paper, scissors, glue, and a

Paper Heart Fox Craft For Kids

This is an easy fox craft for the kiddos to do! Since this art project requires cutting hearts, you can incorporate this for a Valentine’s Day craft if you’d like!  All you need is orange/black/white paper, scissors, glue, and big googly eyes. Start by gluing the ears together and the black & white hearts for

Cereal Valentine’s Day Gift Idea (“Cereal-ously”)

Here’s a non- candy Valentine’s Day idea for the kids! A little cereal box that has the label saying “You are Cereal-ously a sweetheart, Valentine!” You will need a mini cereal box, scissors, a glue stick, and a printer! Here’s the free printable label above, just right click on it and save it your computer.

Dove Chocolate Bar Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Here’s a cute idea for a Valentine’s Day gift! A dove chocolate bar with the printable saying “Valentine, you make my heart flutter!” I think this is cute and cheesy since the “flutter” is referring to a dove’s wings while its flying! You will need tape, a scissors, a dove chocolate bar, and a printer!

Heart Snail Craft For Kids (Valentine Art Project)

Here’s a unique heart shaped animal for Valentine’s Day ~ A SNAIL! It turned out really cute and the kids loved playing with it outside haha! You will need pink,/green/black construction paper, scissors, a black marker, and glue to make this cute heart snail! Cut out three hearts that can fit inside one another. Then

Wine Cork Butterfly Craft For Kids

To make these adorable wine cork butterflies you will need wine corks, construction paper, glue, googly eyes, a black sharpie, and scissors. Cut out two bigger hearts and two smaller hearts for each cork butterfly. Put a glob of glue on the back of the wine cork and stick the hearts to make them look