Healthy Green Smoothie Recipe {Cucumber & Lime}

Here’s a green smoothie recipe to help with weight loss or just to get healthier! I think it is really yummy but you will have to experiment to see if you like it. The best part about making smoothies is that you can customize them anyway you want! Add other fruits or veggies if you

Honey Butter Syrup Recipe For Pancakes

YUM! Have you ever tried honey butter syrup on your pancakes!? I know some people don’t like maple syrup so this is a great alternative for your breakfast. Ingredients: 1/2 cup butter (1 stick) 3 -4 tablespoons honey 1 tablespoon milk 1 pinch cinnamon 1 pinch nutmeg Directions: Melt the butter in a pot on

Related Posts Widget with Thumbnails For (nRelate Review)

If you’re looking for an awesome related posts widget that includes customizable thumbnail pictures for your blogger blog, read on! I was researching all day on how to get a professional looking widget to help my readers. It seemed EVERY article I read was about adding code to your HTML and screwing around with it.

"Bee Mine" Valentine’s Day Craft For Kids

This is a cute art project for kids to make for Valentine’s Day! It could be a Valentine card, gift, or just a fun craft. You will need two of the same size yellow hearts, a small pink heart, two tiny pink hearts, a yellow oval, a black pipe cleaner, a black marker, and black

Groundhog Paper Plate Craft For Kids

Here’s a cute craft to do for Groundhogs Day! First you will need a white paper plate flipped over. Paint the entire plate brown and let dry. You will need glue, scissors, 6 toothpicks, 2 googly eyes, a black sharpie, and brown/black/white construction paper. Glue the two ears on from behind of the plate. Add

Folded Heart Mouse Craft For Kids

If you’re looking for an easy Valentine’s Day craft for kids, this one is it! You can make this cute little heart mouse! All you need is pink paper, a black marker, glue, scissors, and a googly eye. Cut out a big light pink heart for the body, a stringy tail, and small heart for

Groundhogs Day Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids

Groundhogs Day is coming up so I thought we would make a craft for it! All you need is a empty toilet paper roll, white/brown/green construction paper, a black sharpie, scissors, and glue. I think this little groundhog turned out pretty cute! He is ready to see his shadow! Start by cutting a big heart

DIY Valentine Heart Rings Made From Pipe Cleaners

If you have any red or pink pipe cleaners sitting around, try making one of these adorable heart rings for kids! It is super easy and would be a great idea for a party activity as well. Start by cutting a pipe cleaner however long you want it. Measure the pipe cleaner around your finger

DIY Hedgehog Paper Plate Craft For Kids

Here’s a fun paper plate art project for the kiddos! Make an adorable hedgehog to play with 🙂 All you need is a white paper plate, scissors, and a black marker. Start by folding a paper plate in half. Try to cut and copy my instructions above (horrible paint job lol!) Once you’ve cut the

Toilet Paper Roll Castles {Craft Idea For Kids}

We had a lot of left over toilet paper rolls in the house so we decided to make some toilet paper roll castles! It’s an easy craft but also requires some supervision if you decide to use scissors. Start by cutting the top with an X-Acto knife (obviously a parent will need to do this