Toilet Paper Roll Sunflower Stamp Craft

 Today we made a pretty sunflower by stamping a toilet paper roll! This is the perfect Spring or Summer craft for kids to make! We used pepper to get creative but do note that it can hurt kids noses so just color it black if that’s the case! You will need a recycled toilet paper

Frozen Olaf Toilet Paper Roll Craft for Kids

The Disney movie Frozen is very popular with kids lately so we decided to make an Olaf toilet paper roll craft! It turned out really cute and the kids got to make him dance/walk! You could just make the paper Olaf and forget the toilet paper roll if you want! You will need white/orange/brown construction

Lorax Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids (Dr. Suess)

In honor of Dr. Suess Day, we made this cute lorax toilet paper roll craft! It was pretty easy to make it just required a lot of cutting. It would be a great idea to incorporate this art project into a Dr. Suess lesson or after you watch the movie! You will need orange/yellow/white/pink construction

Leprechaun Hat Toilet Paper Roll Craft for St. Patrick’s Day

Make this frugal craft with your kids for St. Patrick’s Day! It’s a Leprechaun hat made from an empty toilet paper roll! You could play with it or cut slits on the top to make place-cards for your st. pattys party! You will need green/black construction paper, a recycled toilet paper roll, glue, scissors, and

Toilet Paper Roll Castles {Craft Idea For Kids}

We had a lot of left over toilet paper rolls in the house so we decided to make some toilet paper roll castles! It’s an easy craft but also requires some supervision if you decide to use scissors. Start by cutting the top with an X-Acto knife (obviously a parent will need to do this

Octopus Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids

If you have any empty recycled toilet paper rolls sitting around at home, consider making a cool octopus craft! All you need is a TP tube, paint, googly eyes, scissors, a black marker, and gem stickers. Start with an empty toilet paper roll and using scissors or an x-acto knife, cut slits on the bottom.

DIY Christmas Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas For Kids

Here are some cheap and easy Christmas toilet paper roll crafts to make with the kiddos! Just find some recycled empty toilet paper tubes in your home and you have endless art projects for the holidays! 🙂 Reindeer Toilet Paper Roll Craft The Grinch Toilet Paper Roll Craft Snowman Toilet Paper Roll Craft Gingerbread Man

Turkey Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids (Thanksgiving Art Project)

Here is a fun activity for the kids on Thanksgiving! Make a turkey out of recycled toilet paper rolls! This involves coloring, cutting, and taping so it’s good practice for kids. Not only are these very cheap to make, they are pretty easy too! Have fun! Materials Needed: –Brown, yellow, white, red construction paper -Tape/glue

DIY Snowman Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids (Cheap Christmas Project)

Today we made some snowmen out of empty toilet paper rolls! It was pretty fun and I think he turned out quite cute 🙂 This is a very cheap and easy craft for the kids to do! You can add anything extra, be creative! Materials Needed: -Toilet paper roll –White and orange paper –Black marker

DIY Christmas Tree Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids

Here is a very cheap and creative art project you can do with your kiddos around the Holidays! Make a beautiful Christmas tree out of an empty recycled toilet paper roll! You can do this kids craft with children as young as 3 years old. We made these Christmas tree toilet paper roll crafts with