Easy Apple Craft for Kids Using a Wine Cork

 If you’re not sure what to do with those extra wine corks, you can have the kids make some apples for a craft or a homemade card for their teacher! You will need red paint, a wine cork, white paper, a green marker and glitter glue. Start by having your kids dip the wine cork

Turtle Craft for Kids Using a Wine Cork

Here’s a simple turtle craft for kids to make! All you really need is a wine cork so drink up adults! 😀 You will need green paint, a brown/green marker, a wine cork, and a piece of white paper. Dip the wine cork into green paint and stamp it on the piece of paper. Make

Bunny Craft Using a Wine Cork for a Stamp

 Make some cute wine cork bunny stamps with your kids! It’s the perfect art project for them to make homemade Easter cards! You will need white paint, black/pink sharpies,  bakers twine, glue, a tiny paintbrush, and a piece of paper. Have the kids dip the wine cork into the white paint and stamp it on

Wine Cork Crafts & Art Project for Kids

Here are some fun wine cork craft ideas for kids to make! Not only do you (as an adult) get to enjoy a bottle of wine but your kids can create some awesome art projects to show off! Just click on the links or photos to see the step by step instructions. Wine Cork Sheep

Make Frogs Using a Wine Cork as a Stamp

Ahhh…another wine cork craft for kids, yes! This time we came up with wine cork frogs on a log! They turned out pretty cute and wasn’t that hard to make! You will need green/brown paint, green/black sharpie, a wine cork, red paper, and glue. Have your kids dip the wine cork into green paint and

Make Pigs Using Wine Corks (Kids Craft)

Make some little pigs by stamping a wine cork with pink paint! They are so cute and would be great for a farm activity. Oink! Did I mention these were super cheap to make, too? You will need pink paint, black/pink sharpie, a piece of paper, and a wine cork. Dip the wine cork into

Wine Cork Ladybugs Craft for Kids

Got any wine corks? Turn them into a stamp to make ladybugs! It’s a super easy craft for kids to make and they will have fun doing it! The best part is that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on supplies! 🙂 You could paint a leaf underneath them if you

Wine Cork Sheep Craft for Kids

Make a sheep out of wine cork prints! This is such an easy project for younger kids to make. You could do it for a farm theme activity or even on a Easter card! Isn’t she cute?! You will need a wine cork, black/purple construction paper, scissors, glue, white paint, 2 googly eyes, and ribbon.

Wine Cork Chicks Craft for Kids

 Alrighty folks, it’s time to enjoy a bottle of wine! Why? To make some adorable wine cork chicks for an Easter craft 🙂 It’s a very easy art project for kids to do and they turn out super cute! Do note that the type of wine cork we used was from the wine Cupcake and

Wine Cork Easter Egg Stamping Craft for Kids

Have any wine corks laying around?! If you do you can make stamps for an Easter egg craft! It’s a fun activity for kids and SUPER easy to do. You could try this craft with preschoolers! After your done you could cut out the egg shape and hang it up for some Easter garland! You