Handprint Football “I’m Your #1 Fan” Father’s Day Card

I babysat my 7 year old buddy yesterday and I figured we could make a Father’s Day card early! We decided to make this handprint football craft which turned into a creative card with the saying “I’m your number 1 fan dad!” Love how it turned out! You will need brown/white paint, a paintbrush, a

Fingerprint Dandelion Craft For Kids + Card Idea

Here’s a beautiful card idea that anyone would love to get! You can make fingerprint dandelions using just paint! Kids love to get their fingers messy and they turned out very cute. Give a card for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentines, etc! I think the phrase “I think you’re dandy and i’m not lion!” is

“Stay Cool” Popsicle Father’s Day Card Idea

Here’s a fun and very easy Father’s Day card for kids or adults to make their dads! The card uses mike and ike candies to look like popsicles on a stick! To make it complete it says “Stay cool, dad.” I love it! A box of mike and ikes are about $1 at the grocery store! Yay

Sailboat Potato Stamping Craft for Kids

I had some potatoes going bad in my pantry so I thought it’d be a cute idea to make some sailboat stamps! They turned out great and would be a fun craft for kids to do in the summer! You will need 1-2 potatoes, a knife, red/blue paint, paper, and a tiny paintbrush. Start by

“You’re Out of this World” Milky Way/Footprint Rocket Card

If you’re looking for a creative gift or card idea, this one is great! Have your kids use their footprints to make a rocket and stick a milky way bar on it with the writing “You’re Out of this world!” Great for Father’s Day, valentines or any other occasion! Wouldn’t you just love to get

Swedish Fish Father’s Day Card Idea

Here’s a quick and easy Father’s Day card idea for a fisherman! Using Swedish fish candy you can make an adorable gift with your kids. You can always add more onto the card such as something blue for the water. You will need swedish fish, glue, string, a toothpick and a marker. Start by gluing

M&M Bow Tie Father’s Day Card Idea

Have your kids make this adorable m&m bow tie Father’s Day card for their dads! It’s very frugal to make as you only need a couple items. I think dad would get a smile out of this gift idea! You will need cardstock paper, ribbon, glue, and a bag of peanut M&Ms. Start by pinching

Creative Father’s Day Cards for Kids to Make

Here are some of my favorite homemade Father’s Day cards for kids or adults to make! Just click on the text or photo to see how to make it with step by step instructions! Fingerprint Monkey Father’s Day Card Have your kids dip their fingers in paint to make some cute monkeys hanging on a rope! Grill

Fingerprint Monkey Card Idea “I Love Hangin’ With You”

Make this adorable fingerprint monkey card for someone special! I think it fits perfectly for a Father’s Day card/gift from their kids! It’s easy to make and doesn’t cost much! You will need twine/rope, brown paint, a brown/black marker, and glue. Start by having your kids dip their thumbs into the brown paint and stamping

Handprint Flowers in Mason Jar Vases (Cute Gift Idea!)

I ran across this adorable Mother’s Day gift idea from 2 Bears and Counting and just HAD to share with you guys! She had her kids use their handprints to make the flowers and stuck them in painted mason jars! Head over here to see the full details on how to make them. What mother