Kid’s Puffer Fish Craft Using a Fork

Today I have another kids craft using a fork! They can make a cute little puffer fish art project! It’s not too difficult and their puffer fish can be any color that they want. This would be great for learning about ocean animals! You will need white/yellow paint, a fork, paper, and a paintbrush. Start

Frozen Crafts and Activities for Kids

Ever since the Disney movie Frozen has come out…it’s been all the craze with the kiddos! You can surprise them with making Frozen crafts and doing fun activities at home! I included all my favorite art projects that include Elsa, Anna, Olaf, the trolls and many more ideas 🙂 Just click on the photos or

Puffy Paint Watermelon Craft for Kids

The perfect summer craft for kids to make are these puffy paint watermelons! They are easy and fun to make 🙂 I always love art projects that involve puffy paint because the texture is awesome when they dry! Don’t you just want to take a bite? You will need Barbasol shaving cream, elmer’s glue, food

Fingerprint Golf Ball Father’s Day Card

 If your dad or grandpa is a golfer, consider having your kids make them a fingerprint golf ball Father’s Day card! It’s simple to make and should get a smile out of dads. You can even add a footprint at the bottom to make the “green” on the course! You will need white paint, a

Kids Fireworks Craft Using a Fork

In honor of the 4th of July or Memorial Day you can have your kids make these cool fork firework prints! It doesn’t require any prep work either so if you have a fork in your kitchen drawer, pull it out and have some fun with this art project! You could also use black paper

Toilet Paper Roll Fireworks Craft for Kids

I have an excess of recycled toilet paper rolls that I’ve saved and I thought it was time to do something with them! We turned them into toilet paper roll firework stamps! This is a great frugal craft for kids to do for the 4th of July or Memorial Day. You will need red/blue paint,

Meaningful Kid’s Handprint Father’s Day Card

Here’s an EASY Father’s Day card to make with your kids! All you really need is paper and their hands! The card reads “It takes a big heart to hold a little hand” with a child’s handprint underneath.  I think it’s adorable and a dad would appreciate the message. You will need blue paper, scissors, glue,

“You’re the Vest” Father’s Day Card Idea

I saw a card online with the saying “You’re the vest dad” but they used a fancy vest they’d wear with a suit. Most dads don’t wear those so I thought it’d be fun to make a life vest for the boating/canoeing dads! I think it turned out cute and kids can definitely make one! The vest

Gold Metal Father’s Day Gift for Kids to Make

Have your kids make this fun gold metal Father’s Day gift! It’s a frugal craft using items you probably already have at home! I always buy laughing cow cheese and I thought the container would be the perfect gift box top for a gold medal! You could also write Happy Father’s Day at the bottom

Dollar Bill Origami T-Shirt Father’s Day Card

If your kids have a hard working dad, consider making this dollar bill origami Father’s day card for him! I didn’t have any $1 bills on me so I had to use a $20 bill! It still works no matter what value it is. You will need a dollar bill or a twenty dollar bill,