DIY: Recycled Eggo Waffle Box House (Easy Kid’s Tape Craft)

house kids craft using a recycled waffle box
I wanted to be creative yesterday with my two little friends and all we had was an empty Eggo waffle box. I kept staring at the box and finally decided I was going to attempt making a cardboard house with nothing but the box, scissors, and tape. It actually turned out way better than I expected and it was fun to make a craft for the kids using recycled items! If you have a waffle box laying around consider making this adorable little house for dolls or finger puppets 🙂
eggo thick and fluffy waffle box
First you will need an empty waffle box, we had the thick and fluffy kind (SO good by the way!)
cutting waffle box
Cut through the middle of the box all around it.
directions for the waffle house craft
You pretty much want to make a cut at each crease in the box. You should have 4 squares after plus the big box part.
glue the roof onto the waffle house
Take the biggest two square pieces and tape them together at the top. This is going to be the roof of the waffle house.

Measure it to make sure it’s the same length as the house and tape it from the inside.
eggo waffle craft
Next take those other two small pieces and cut triangles that are the same size of the side of the roof.

tape eggo waffle kids craft house
Tape the roof pieces together.
At the top of the roof, attach a small piece of cardboard for the flag pole (it slips right into the crease of the roof then tape it)

You will have extra cardboard pieces that have the Kelloggs logo on it, you can cut it into a little flag! Then attach it to the flag pole with tape.
recycled cardboard house out of waffle box
Cut out a door and some windows and you’ve got yourself an awesome little house to play with! The kids loved it and grabbed their finger puppets to live inside it 🙂 I hope you share and attempt to make one yourself! 🙂

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