Fingerprint Easter Egg Craft (Free Basket Printable)

 I love fingerprint crafts…especially this one! 🙂 Have your kiddos make fingerprint Easter eggs inside of a basket! You can do this with children as young as preschoolers! You could make this for some fridge art or a homemade Easter card for the grandparents! You will need colored paints, a paintbrush, ribbon, glue, and this

Egg Carton Bunny Craft for Kids

Looking for a cheap Easter craft for kids?! If you are, this is the perfect one to make…an egg carton Easter bunny! It is pretty simple to make and they turned out adorablleee! You an always customize your bunny differently, too! You will need a recycled egg carton, scissors, white/pink paint, a black sharpie, and

Cupcake Liner Bunny Craft for Kids

If you have any extra cupcake liners laying around, grab them to make a cute Easter craft! We made cupcake liner bunnies today! They turned out really cute and you could totally string them together to make some cute Easter garland as well! We had the cupcake liner pack that came with yellow, white, and

Wine Cork Easter Egg Stamping Craft for Kids

Have any wine corks laying around?! If you do you can make stamps for an Easter egg craft! It’s a fun activity for kids and SUPER easy to do. You could try this craft with preschoolers! After your done you could cut out the egg shape and hang it up for some Easter garland! You

Hatching Chick Craft Using Popsicle Sticks (Easter Egg)

Today we made a hatching chick craft for Easter! Kids know that real chicks don’t hatch from decorated eggs but we thought it’d be fun for the holiday to decorate it! You don’t have to use the Popsicle sticks either but it’s nice for kids to hold onto it while playing! We liked bright colors

Bottle Cap Easter Crafts for Kids (Chick & Bunny)

Here’s a great Easter craft for kids to make and for adults to enjoy a beer! 😉 Save those empty bottle caps because you can make so many critters out of them! Add a magnet to the back and they would be perfect for the fridge. Here we have a little chick and bunny! You

3D Paper Plate Easter Basket Craft for Kids

Make a 3D paper plate easter basket with your kids! It is really fun to make and can be used to put real eggs inside! I think little kids would be adorable to carry this around 🙂 Isn’t it so cute?! This could definitely be a great Easter present for grandparents, parents, etc! You will

Bunny Clothespin Easter Craft Using Paint Samples

Make some Easter bunny clothespins for a fun craft with your kids! All you need is clothespins, pom poms, ribbon, glue, and paint samples to make them. I bought the clothespins at my local grocery store for about $1.89 for 50 of them but I heard they also sell them at the dollar store, even

Bunny Footprint Craft For Kids

This cute little footprint bunny is a great craft to make with your kiddos! Whether they have big or small feet, the bunny will still look adorable! It is a perfect art project for Easter time or just learning about bunny rabbits. You will need pink/white construction paper, pink paint, scissors, glue, a black sharpie,

Paper Chick Craft For Kids

Today we decided to make a duck (yes, a duck LOL) and it turned out looking like a little chick instead! So, we shall call it a chick 😉 It was pretty easy to make but required a lot of cutting. You could make this for Valentine’s Day since it’s made of mostly heart shapes,