Egg Carton Bunny Craft for Kids

Looking for a cheap Easter craft for kids?! If you are, this is the perfect one to make…an egg carton Easter bunny! It is pretty simple to make and they turned out adorablleee!


You an always customize your bunny differently, too!


You will need a recycled egg carton, scissors, white/pink paint, a black sharpie, and glue.



Start by cutting out just one little egg carton cup…you will need to trim around the edges so it sits flat. Then cut a square from the carton to make the ears.


Cut out two bunny ears and put some white paint in the middle.


Draw on the bunny’s face with a black sharpie and paint the nose with pink paint!


Once the ears are dry, glue them to the back of the egg carton then paint on some white whiskers! Taa-daa!

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  1. So cute! I love crafts using recycled materials.

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