Cow Mother’s Day Card Idea for Kids to Make

Here’s a funny and creative Mother’s Day card that kids can make! It has a cow that says “Happy M-UDDERS Day!” above it! I think all moms would get a laugh out of this one. You will need a black/pink marker and a white piece of cardstock. Start by drawing the outline of the cow.

Fingerprint Bee Mother’s Day Card for Kids to Make

Have your kids make this adorable fingerprint bee Mother’s Day card! It’s so cheap to make! In fact we used 50 cent acrylic paint from Walmart, a free pink paint sample, and a 50 cent black sharpie to do it!   You could also write other “bee” quotes on the card, just google them 🙂 You

Watering Can Mother’s Day Card Kids can Make

This is a great Mother’s Day card for gardeners or just for a loving mom! The watering can resembles a mother who continuously shows their love for their children making them turn into something beautiful like a flower! I think this is a great meaningful craft for kids to do. You will need paper, glue, scissors,

Mother’s Day Purse Card for Kids to Make

Have kids make this cute Mother’s Day purse card for their mom! If they are a couponer you can make some homemade coupons to stick inside too! You will need purple/yellow paper, ribbon, scissors, glue, buttons, and markers. Cut out the purse pieces with the purple paper and glue them together. Stick on some pretty

Q-Tip Dandelion Mother’s Day Card for Kids to Make

I think this q-tip dandelion Mother’s Day card is adorable! It’s also very cheap and fun to make for kids. I chose to do dandelions because you usually blow them in the wind and make a wish, making the “Wishing you a happy mother’s day” phrase PERFECT! You will need white/green paint, a q-tip, a

“Mothers are Angels on Earth” Footprint Mother’s Day Card

I always love doing footprint crafts with kids and this one worked perfectly for a Mother’s Day card! Not only is it meaningful but it’s also a great keepsake for a mom to hold onto! (It’s always fun to look back on how small they were) You will need paint, a small paintbrush, cardstock paper,

Easy Mother’s Day Cards & Crafts for Kids to Make

Here are a bunch of creative Mother’s Day cards and crafts that kids can make for mom! Instead of just getting her flowers, add one of these meaningful homemade ideas 🙂 She will surely LOVE them! Firefly Mason Jar Mother’s Day Card Ha-Pea Mother’s Day Card Fingerprint Flower Bouquet Card Footprint Flower Card Noodle “You

Bottle Cap Flower Craft for Kids

Here’s a cute bottle cap flower craft that you can make with your kids! It’s a great idea for a homemade Mother’s Day card as well. You will need 5 bottle caps, glue, paper, a marker, scissors, and a button. Don’t worry about the caps having alcoholic labels on them because they will be glued down

“Thanks for Raisin’ Me” Mother’s Day Card

Here’s a creative Mother’s day card idea for kids or adults! It’s so cheesy that I LOVE it! Attach a raisin box onto a card saying “Thanks for raisin me mom!” I think it would bring a big smile to a mama’s face 🙂 Note that the card will not stand up by itself (too

Cute Mother’s Day Breakfast Idea

Mother’s Day is coming up and mom’s LOVE getting breakfast in bed! Put your kids to work and have them make this adorable “MOM” mother’s day breakfast plate! Of course an adult will need to cut the strawberries into hearts and cook the bacon but the rest is all their doings! Would you like to have