Healthy Watermelon Flower Snack for Kids

Here’s a cute healthy snack idea for your kids! If they don’t like green peppers you can always leave those out…the flowers are still cute. You will need watermelon, cantaloupe, and green peppers to make these!   Start by cutting watermelon slices into flower petal shapes…you will need 5 for each flower. Next, make “balls”

Chick Breakfast for Kids Using Eggs & Cheese

If you want to surprise your kids with an adorable breakfast…try making an egg and cheese chick! It’s pretty easy to make (besides cutting the cheese part) and is semi-healthy for the kiddos! You will need 2 eggs, 2 raisins, and 2 pieces of cheese! Start by scrambling the eggs in a small pan and

Easy Bunny Pancake Breakfast for Kids

Easter is coming up and it’s the perfect time to surprise your little ones with a bunny pancake for breakfast! It’s simple to make and will put a smile on their faces 🙂 For some reason the ears look funny to me…I think I would make them more round next time! You will need three

Blackberry Butterfly Snack for Kids (Healthy Idea)

Here is an adorable healthy snacks for kids! You can make blackberry butterflies easily with just 2 ingredients! I love to see the kids faces when they sit down at the table 🙂 You will need blackberries, almonds, a knife, and a plate. Cut the blackberries right down the middle as well as the almonds.

"Ants on a Log" Healthy Snack For Kids

Here’s a super easy snack that kids love to play with! It’s called “Ants on a log” because it looks like the raisins are ants! All you need is some celery sticks, creamy peanut butter, and raisins. Cut the stalk of celery, smear the peanut butter inside and press raisins onto it. Kid’s love peanut

Easy Bubble Meatball Biscuits Recipe {Grands Biscuits}

I’m always looking for quick, easy recipes that use Pillsbury Grands flaky biscuits! There are not that many out there so I thought I would share. I adapted this recipe from because some parts I changed. These are great for kids, adults, or an appetizer for a party. The first recipe called for string cheese sticks

Cute Snack For Kids – Apple & Grape Cars

If you want to make your kids snack time fun, try this idea! These apple and grape car snacks are easy to make. All you need are sliced apples, grapes, and toothpicks. Turn the apple slice upside down and stick two toothpicks through on each end. Cut grapes in half and stick one on each

Fun & Creative Banana Breakfast Ideas For Kids

Sometimes we have the same foods over & over for breakfast and it can get boring, especially for kids! Here are a couple ideas for you to bring a smile to their face in the morning. Make a waffle ice cream cone breakfast out of waffles, sliced banana’s and a blackberry on top! It would

Teddy Bear Toast (Healthy Kid’s Breakfast Idea)

If you’re looking for a FUN healthy option for your kids breakfast, try this idea! You can make teddy bear toast in as little as 2 minutes! You can either make it with creamy peanut butter…   …or NUTELLA! All you need is a piece of bread, banana, creamy peanut butter (or nutella), raisins, and