“You’re The Sweetest” BBQ Sauce Father’s Day Gift Idea

Who doesn’t love Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce?! It’s the perfect Father’s Day gift that dads will actually use! If you need a last minute gift this one fits the bill!


There are many flavors of this brand so choose his favorite! I picked this brown sugar one since the word “sweetest” ties it all together!


You will need a hole puncher, ribbon, glue, scissors, SBR barbecue sauce, and white/red paper.


Start by cutting out two circles with the red and white paper. Cardstock paper is better because it’s more sturdy and won’t bend. Poke a hole in the top and put the ribbon through.


Grab a black marker or use your own printer to make the tag “You’re The Sweetest Dad!” Any dad or grandpa would love this!

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