Homemade Teacher Gifts

Ahhh, homemade teacher gifts. My absolute favorite part of being a teacher! 😉 I always love to see how creative the kids can be! Here are some wonderful DIY gift ideas that you can make with your kids on a budget! Bubble Bath Float Gift– This is an adorable idea to do! You can give

Baby Girl Shower Ideas on a Budget

It’s always a blessing to have a baby on the way but sometimes having a baby shower is expensive! It’s my goal to find the most frugal and cheap baby shower decorating ideas out there to help save on your budget. Here are some great ideas for a girl’s baby shower! Baby Shower Tutu Idea

DIY Baby Food Jar Princess Crown Party Favors

I came across these adorable baby food jar princess party favors that you can make yourself! These would be perfect for a princess birthday party, baby shower for a girl, or even a bridal shower! I always love being crafty and frugal so this is the perfect idea to help save money on your parties

Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

Looking for the perfect eye makeup for brown eyes? You’re in the right place! Find the perfect eyeshadow, eyeliner, and many other makeup ideas for your eyes! Bring out your natural beauty with a touch of makeup…make them sparkle! You can find which colors will compliment your brown eyes by reading below. Note that I do

Snow Hearts for a Valentine’s Day Surprise!

Got snow?! If you do, here’s a super sweet idea for your honey tomorrow for Valentine’s Day! Carve out a heart shape with snow on their cars! It would be a very cute surprise and did I mention it’s FREE to make? What a deal! Lol Wouldn’t you just love to walk outside to your

DIY Rice Krispie Heart Valentine Treat

If you’re looking for an inexpensive Valentine’s Day treat to make yourself, consider making heart rice krispy bars! It is very easy to make and they turn out super cute! When you mix the rice krispies with the butter and marshmallows, shape them into hearts and let harden. After that grab some pink icing and

Plastic Animal Toy Valentine’s Idea

I saw these adorable plastic jungle animal valentines day and had to share! This idea is very frugal as you can buy those plastic animal toys at the dollar store! I think her little sayings on the paper hearts are so creative and funny! Made by RamShackle Glam Deer– “Happy Valentine’s Day, Deer!” Antelope– “I

Healthy Fruit Heart for a Valentine’s Day Treat

I came across this beautiful fruit platter that looks like a heart for Valentine’s Day! If you or your spouse aren’t chocolate lovers, this is the perfect alternative! All you need are fresh pomegranate seeds, strawberries, and blackberries. Fill the middle with the pomegranate seeds then cut strawberries in half. Surround the outside with those

“I’m Hooked on You” Yarn Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

  I just wanted to share with you all the cutest Valentine’s Day gift idea! It is three spools of yarn with a label that says “I’m hooked on you valentine” How adorable is this? I am thinking it could be great for your friends who are crafty, a neighbor, a teacher, etc! This definitely

Lucky Charms Banana Pops (Fun Kid’s Breakfast Snack)

Breakfast can be a real bore sometimes for kids so here’s a fun idea to try! We named them “Lucky charms banana pops” which were DELICIOUS, seriously. I think I could eat these everyday haha. These pops would be perfect for a daytime snack or a breakfast for St. Patrick’s Day! You will need a