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Lorax Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids (Dr. Suess)

In honor of Dr. Suess Day, we made this cute lorax toilet paper roll craft! It was pretty easy to make it just required a lot of cutting. It would be a great idea to incorporate this art project into a Dr. Suess lesson or after you watch the movie! You will need orange/yellow/white/pink construction

Toilet Paper Roll Shamrock Glitter Craft

Today we grabbed some recycled toilet paper rolls and made these cool shamrocks with them! They are super easy to make as long as you have a stapler available. Consider making these for a St. Patrick’s Day art project! We thought about making garland with them, just make around 10 of them and put a

Leprechaun Hat Toilet Paper Roll Craft for St. Patrick’s Day

Make this frugal craft with your kids for St. Patrick’s Day! It’s a Leprechaun hat made from an empty toilet paper roll! You could play with it or cut slits on the top to make place-cards for your st. pattys party! You will need green/black construction paper, a recycled toilet paper roll, glue, scissors, and

Rocket Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids

Today we made a rocket out of a recycled toilet paper roll! This is a cute craft for kids to do and they LOVE to play with them after they are done! All you will need is a toilet paper tube, orange/yellow construction paper, aluminum foil, scissors, and glue. Start by gluing a piece of

Groundhogs Day Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids

Groundhogs Day is coming up so I thought we would make a craft for it! All you need is a empty toilet paper roll, white/brown/green construction paper, a black sharpie, scissors, and glue. I think this little groundhog turned out pretty cute! He is ready to see his shadow! Start by cutting a big heart

Octopus Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids

If you have any empty recycled toilet paper rolls sitting around at home, consider making a cool octopus craft! All you need is a TP tube, paint, googly eyes, scissors, a black marker, and gem stickers. Start with an empty toilet paper roll and using scissors or an x-acto knife, cut slits on the bottom.

DIY Owl Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids

Make this adorable toilet paper roll owl craft with your kids! It’s a great up-cycling project that they can play with! You will need three different colored pieces of paper, scissors, toilet roll, glue, and a black marker. Start by gluing the pink paper around the toilet paper roll. Bend the top of it so

DIY Heart Stamp Using Toilet Paper Rolls (Kids Valentines Craft)

Here’s a fun idea to make a heart stamp using a recycled toilet paper roll! You will need an empty toilet paper roll, tape, paper, and paint. Bend the toilet paper roll so it makes a heart shape. Put a long piece of tape around the whole tube. Dip it in some red or pink

Valentines Day Elephant Craft For Kids (Toilet Paper Roll or Card)

Here is a cheap and easy Valentines Day craft for the kids to do! All you need to make an Elephant is purple  and pink construction paper, scissors, glue, and big googly eyes. This could be a Valentines card to give or just an art project! You will need to cut out three purple hearts

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Gift Boxes/ Packages For Kids

If you have extra recycled toilet paper roll tubes laying around, don’t throw them away! They are perfect for wrapping small presents this Christmas. Today we made toilet paper roll Christmas gift packages that turned out super cute. You could definitely use these as stocking stuffers! All you need is some tissue paper, tape, and