DIY Egg Carton Snowman Craft For Kids

We had an empty egg carton today after breakfast this morning so we set out to do an art project! We decided on making an egg carton snowman 🙂 It was a fun art project for the winter time and the kids got to be creative. Cut three egg sections out with a scissors, it

List of Easy Winter Snowman Crafts For Kids

Snow Globe Fingerprint Craft Toilet Paper Roll Snowman Craft Fingerprint Snowmen Craft Egg Carton Snowman Craft Mason Jar Snowman Craft Popsicle Stick Snowman Craft Snowball Snowman Craft Puffy Paint Snowman Craft This post may contain affiliate links, read our Disclosure Policy.

DIY Fingerprint Snow Globe Craft For Kids

We made this cute fingerprint snow globe craft for winter today! It turned out better than I expected and it was super easy to make. You can make this snowman art project for Christmas cards or anything you want! Cut a circle out of blue paper and a bottom out of black paper. Have your

DIY Fingerprint Snowman Winter Craft For Kids

Make some cute fingerprint snowmen for a Christmas craft with your kids! I think it’d be cute to make a homemade card for someone with their little prints. You can either make your snowman have 3 snowballs or 2. depending on what you want it to look like. All you need are some colored paints,

DIY Popsicle Stick Snowman Craft For Kids

If you have some popsicle sticks laying around consider making these cute snowmen crafts for kids! They turned out really cute for a Christmas gift to their parents, you could even make them into a christmas tree ornament if you wanted. Directions: Cut out a rectangle from cardboard (we used a cereal box) Glue 6

Easy Puffy Paint Snowman Art Project For Kids

  We decided to make some puffy paint snowmen today as our winter craft! All you need is a piece of construction paper, yarn, buttons, puffy paint and a black marker. If you don’t know how to make puffy paint grab a a bowl and mix together equal parts of shaving cream and white school

DIY Snowman Classroom Bulletin Board Idea For Winter

Here is a simple activity for the kids to do during the holiday seasons! Have the children cut out as many circles as there are letters in their names plus an extra for the snowman’s face. Then have them write each letter on a circle and put them in order. We did this with a

DIY Snowman Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids (Cheap Christmas Project)

Today we made some snowmen out of empty toilet paper rolls! It was pretty fun and I think he turned out quite cute 🙂 This is a very cheap and easy craft for the kids to do! You can add anything extra, be creative! Materials Needed: -Toilet paper roll –White and orange paper –Black marker