Horse Birthday Cake Ideas

If you know someone who loves horses, consider getting them a custom horse birthday cake! I think these ideas are so awesome and the bakeries are very talented that made them. You might want to print off a picture to show your local bakery/grocery store!    This 3D horse birthday cake is very detailed and

60th Birthday Cake Ideas

Here are some of my favorite 60th birthday cakes made by bakeries across the U.S! Sometimes it’s hard to think of what to put on a cake for that age so I hope you find an idea you like. This purple and blue tier flower cake is perfect for a 60 year old special woman!

DIY Birthday Cakes Using Kit Kats (Chocolate Bars)

Lately, I have been seeing more and more of birthday cakes using kitkat chocolate bars! I think they look so awesome and it’s a cheaper alternative than buying a cake from a bakery/grocery store. Here are my favorite kit kat cakes I found! This is a square shaped cake using kitkats, I love the pink

Adorable Owl Themed Birthday Cakes

My latest obsession is owl birthday cakes! No matter what age (babies to adults) you can always put an owl on your cake. Here are my favorites birthday cakes made by amazing bakeries! I love this bright pink and purple cake with an owl sitting on a tree! Made by Erin Kelly’s Cakes   This

Awesome Neon Splatter Birthday Cake Idea

I just wanted to share with you all this amazing neon birthday cake I ran across from Sweets-N-Me bakery! This is a three tier birthday cake that is completely black underneath. Then there is just random neon frosting everywhere, I LOVE it!    Here’s their birthday table with their decor to match. You can see they

Creative 30th Birthday Cake Ideas

You can find some amazing pictures of 30th birthday cakes below. I searched for a long time to find my favorite cakes from bakeries across the US! Some of these you could actually DIY to save some money! This beautiful blue and purple cake is amazing for a 30 year old woman! Made by Aimeejane

Creative Despicable Me Minion Birthday Cake Ideas

One of the most popular movies for kids these days is Despicable Me! If your child requested a minion birthday cake, here are some awesome designs to look at to get ideas! I searched around for the best cakes from bakeries so take a look 🙂 Here is a 3D minion cake, sitting on his bottom

Unique 70th Birthday Cake Ideas On a Budget

So it’s someones seventieth birthday coming up and you’re stuck on what to put on their birthday cake, right? Well here I have compiled a list of my favorite ones that actually have meaning to that person instead of just writing the big “70” on a sheet cake. When you decide on what to put