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DIY: Easy Corn Craft For Kids Using Real Popcorn

While babysitting a 2 and 3 year old we decided we wanted to do an art project! They had popcorn for a snack that day and had plenty of leftovers. I got the idea to make a corn stalk using the pieces! This was great for their age group because they got to be involved

DIY: Recycled Eggo Waffle Box House (Easy Kid’s Tape Craft)

I wanted to be creative yesterday with my two little friends and all we had was an empty Eggo waffle box. I kept staring at the box and finally decided I was going to attempt making a cardboard house with nothing but the box, scissors, and tape. It actually turned out way better than I

DIY: Make a Tractor out of Twizzler Bites (Cheap Kid’s Craft)

Here is a great and inexpensive way to do an activity improving kids fine motor skills. All you need is twizzler bites (99 cents at my grocery store), a black marker, scissors, and a green sheet of construction paper. The great part about this craft is that you don’t even need to glue it down

Teddy Bear Tear Kid’s Craft (Cheap & Easy – No Scissors Required!)

Here is one of my favorite art projects for the little ones! It is called the “Teddy Bear Tear” craft 🙂 You only need two sheets of paper in colors brown/tan, a glue stick, and a black marker! There is no need for sharp scissors because all the kids have to do is RIP the

DIY: Yo Gabba Gabba Finger Puppets (Cheap Kid’s Craft)

While babysitting today we decided we wanted to make some Yo Gabba Gabba finger puppets to play with! It took awhile to make all of them but you can just choose your kiddos favorite character to make if you don’t have much time. I think these would be a super cheap craft for kids to

DIY: Cheap Kid’s Octopus Counting to 5 Activity & Craft (Preschoolers)

Here is a great activity to do with preschoolers! Today I had a chance to try this with my 3 year old friend! She did everything except cut out the octopus (that was my job!) You will need a scissors, a glue bottle, blue & orange piece of paper, black marker, and some glitter (optional).