My Freebies This Week! (October 28th-November 2nd)

This was a good freebie week! I love getting coupons that you can redeem for free items! You can follow my freebies page to get cool stuff like this too! What I got for free: Planters peanuts + lunch bag Socket sealers Herbal essance body wash Runa Tea Salvation Hangover Bodycology apple lotion Coupon for free

My Mailbox Freebies From This Past Week! (October 16-23rd)

This was a great freebie week for me, I have never gotten so many magazines in the same week either! 🙂 I’m excited about the weight watchers one! Follow my freebies page to get your own free stuff. What I got for free: Better Home & Garden, Weight Watchers, 2 US Weekly, Cosmopolitan, Everyday w/

My Mailbox Freebies from the Past 2 Weeks! (September-October)

I have been on vacation for a couple weeks in Minnesota and I am finally back! The best part about coming home was to pick up my big box of mail at the post office 🙂 You can get all these freebies too by following my Freebies Page!  I know i’m going to miss some

My Beneful Dog Sample Pack Came in the Mail!

YAY! I just checked my mail and found this fabulous freebie! If you remember requesting the Beneful sample pack in August, get excited! These are great size samples that my pup is going to love 🙂 You can see my post about this freebie here. Let me know if you got any other great freebies! This

My Mailbox Freebies of the Week- I Love Surprises! (September 9th-14th)

This was a really good freebie week for me! I got a surprise berry keeper because I didn’t think the form worked when I filled it out, so cool! I’m not really sure where the two bottle shakers are from but I’ll take them hehe! You can get cool stuff too by following my Freebies

My Freebies of the Week (SLOW Week!) September 2nd-7th

This was a verrry slow week for freebies 🙁 but the ones I got were still great! I love my free product coupons! You can follow my Freebies page to get fun things too 🙂 What did you all get this week? What I got for free: US Weekly Magazine Free coupon for one cup

My Mailbox Freebies This Week – Got my Tumbler! (August 26th-31st)

This was kind of a slow week for freebies unfortunately BUT I do love my brew over ice tumbler cup and the free minties dog treat for my pup! 🙂 You can get samples like these too by following my Freebies page! What I got for free: Brew Over Ice Tumbler Cup Another Weinermobile sticker

A Look into My Couponing Stockpile With Pictures

I thought I would share some of my stockpile today from all my couponing adventures! I always love to see other peoples stockpiles just to see how they organize theirs. Mine has A LOT of work to do to get done in that department but i’m pretty proud of what I have! Here is my

My Freebies of The Week! (August 19th-25th)

YAY! My favorite freebies this week were the free cheez-its, TEN brand 2-liters, greek yogurt coupons and the shaker bottle! (I got one before and bring it to the gym every time, love it!) You can follow my freebies page to get this kind of stuff too…everything I post is legit offers! I linked my

My Mailbox Freebies This Week- YAY Free Juice! (August 12th-18th)

I’m super happy about getting my free juice and my fall All You magazine in the mail! I also think the green, pink, and purple fridge magnets are adorable! What did you all get this week?! Make sure to follow my Freebies page to get all these goodies and more! What I got for free: