Puffy Paint Watermelon Craft for Kids

The perfect summer craft for kids to make are these puffy paint watermelons! They are easy and fun to make 🙂 I always love art projects that involve puffy paint because the texture is awesome when they dry!


Don’t you just want to take a bite?


You will need Barbasol shaving cream, elmer’s glue, food coloring, black paint, a paintbrush and a piece of paper.


Start by mixing glue, shaving cream, and food coloring in a bowl. Mix equal parts of glue and shaving cream. Stir it until you get stiff peaks in it. You can always adjust the amounts!


Once you have the perfect vibrant colors, start painting the inside of the watermelon! Then take the green puffy paint and go around the outside to make the rind.


Grab a paintbrush and dip it in black paint. Put dots all over the watermelon to make the seeds and you’re done! Note that when they dry the colors turn darker.

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  1. How fun! I’ve never used puffy paint before and I’m wondering how long it takes to dry.

  2. Savannah says

    This is super cute but what is the texture like when it’s dry? Does it flake off?

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