Disney’s Turbo Snail Birthday Cake and Cupcake Ideas on a Budget

If you are looking for Disney Turbo themed birthday cake ideas then check out the ones I linked below. I found the most creative cakes of the speedy snail 🙂 There are not many pictures out there currently just because the movie came out a couple weeks ago. A lot of kids really liked this movie and you can make a birthday cake yourself for very cheap. I know if you’re like me, you aren’t an artist but you don’t have to be and you don’t have to go spend a fortune at your bakery either! You can buy affordable fondant kits, orange creme frosting creations flavor mix, snail shaped cake molds, and Turbo birthday cake toppers and edible images! To preview the actual picture of the turbo cake, click on the title links below.


Turbo Birthday Cake Ideas

disney turbo birthday cake ideas

Disney’s Turbo Birthday Cake Decoration Set

Turbo #5 Cupcake Cake – Awww! This is one of my favorite cakes so far from the Disney movie. It is made from lots of cupcakes and then using a special attachment for piping the frosting they made Turbo the snail. It is actually very artistic when you look at it, I am loving the bright colors.

Turbo Finish Line Birthday Cake – This is a cute cake as they made Turbo the snail out of fondant and made a race track with little wooden flags at the end.

Turbo No Dream is Too Big Birthday Cake– I really love this cake! There is a cute snail in the middle and someone wrote “No dream is too big, No dreamer too small” with piping frosting. I think that is such a cute quote and a very meaningful one to a child.

turbo birthday cupcakes ring toppers

Turbo Cupcake Ring Toppers

Racetrack Turbo Cupcake Cake– This seems like a very cheap and easy project to do for a birthday! All you need to do is bake some cupcakes, cover them in a flat fondant piece making the racetrack and buy some little toy cars from the dollar store to put on it.

Snail Turbo Cupcake Cake – This cake is awesome. It is made out of all cupcakes which someone decorated each one to make a whole snail. My favorite part are the two cupcake eyes!

Huge 3D Turbo Snail Birthday Cake– WOW! This cake is unbelievable! Someone sculpted Turbo into a 3D cake that looks fabulous. As an idea you could make one smaller and just shape the cake mixture in two rounded pans to make the shell.

Turbo Cupcake Topper – Here is a cupcake with the snail on top, this is probably made out of fondant. Real artistic details, I love it!

turbo snail birthday cake ideas topper

Turbo Snail Power Edible Image Cake Topper

DIY Turbo Cupcake Topper Sticks– Here you can see that someone actually made their own toppers by just printing a picture of Turbo, cutting it in a circle, and gluing it to a toothpick! Wow how cheap is that?!

Orange Frosting Turbo Snail Cupcakes– You’ll have to be logged on to facebook to see this picture but they are SO cute! It looks like she just did 3 layers of thick frosting for the shell/body, and marshmallows for the eyes!

I will keep updating this page as I find new birthday cake ideas!

Here are some edible Turbo cake images that you can put on your own cakes! Very cheap alternative to buying one at the store.

turbo cake image  turbo cake image  turbo cake image


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