DIY Handmade Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

It’s always fun to be going to an ugly Christmas sweater party but it can be HARD to find fun ones! Usually thrift stores are picked over already and the good ones online are $50-60 each! Consider making your own ugly sweater with cheap items around the house or craft store. All you really need

Beautiful Holiday V-Neck Dresses On Sale (Under $30 Shipped!)

I love dressing up for the holidays! I found some pretty v-neck dresses that are all under $30 on Amazon. That also includes shipping costs, crazy! Note that black and red are not the only colors you can choose from, they are just my favorites to wear around this time. These all would be great

Funny Ugly Christmas Sweaters w/ Santa and Dogs Peeing

Every year we get invited to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party and it never fails that someone wins the best sweater contest because it’s funny. Here I found a couple on Amazon that are inappropriate yet funny to wear to your holiday parties!  Here’s a funny ugly Christmas sweater that has Santa smiling while peeing in the