DIY Handmade Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

It’s always fun to be going to an ugly Christmas sweater party but it can be HARD to find fun ones! Usually thrift stores are picked over already and the good ones online are $50-60 each! Consider making your own ugly sweater with cheap items around the house or craft store. All you really need is a plain sweater to start with!
diy snowman ugly christmas sweater
For this ugly Christmas sweater you will need a plain red sweater, gold/white/black/red tinsel, white doilies, and a hot glue gun. Just make a snowman shape out of the white tinsel and cut it super short. Add the other accessories. 
diy funny ugly christmas sweater
For this one, you will need a plain red sweater, green feathers, ornament balls, a Christmas stuffed animal and a hot glue gun. Just glue the feathers in a circle like a wreath in the middle and on the bottom. You could also use a green boa if you can find one!
christmas tree ugly sweater garland diy idea
This one is so ugly, it’s great! You can use any sweater you own and put green garland on to make a Christmas tree shape. Use gold tinsel at the top for the star. Cheap and ugly!
diy reindeer ugly christmas sweater
You will need pieces of fabric or felt to make smiling reindeers. Add a bow and some bells hanging down to make it funny. 
beer holder ugly christmas sweater idea
This ugly sweater is funny because it has a beer holder in the middle. Just make a snowman out of fabric and glue it on. Add some random garland and beads around it. They also added a light up necklace and glued it around the snowmans face. 
upside down snowman ugly christmas sweater diy
If you’re looking for a funny/dirty ugly Christmas sweater, consider making this one. It is easy to make with pieces of felt to make an upside-down snowman. Add a styrofoam cone for the nose and spray paint it orange. Add two bells at the bottom.
diy sequence ugly christmas sweater
If you have a lot of patience, consider making a sequence sweater! Just make random designs up by the collar and have your man wear it 🙂

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