DIY: Cheap 3D Tissue Paper Butterfly Kid’s Craft

Here is a very easy and cheap craft to do with kids. You can make a 3D poofy butterfly with just construction paper, staples, and tissue paper! The kids had fun designing their own butterflys and loved playing with them after! I hope you try this with your children!
Materials Needed:
-1 Sheet of Tissue Paper
-Construction paper
-Glitter (optional)
Draw your own butterfly outline and cut two identical ones out of construction paper.
Staple the two sheets of paper together around the edges about half way across the butterfly. Make sure you have an opening on one end! Stuff any colored tissue paper in and puff up all the wings. Staple the ends closed so no tissue paper shows.
Draw designs with a glue bottle and pour any color glitter you want on it!

Add some black antennaes to the top of the butterflys body and you’re done! 

I might add this is very durable craft because the kids played with it for an hour and it didn’t rip apart like most of their other projects LOL! 

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