How To Do 1920s Style Makeup

Looking for a 1920s makeup tutorial? You’ve come to the right place! Find the makeup instructions for the lips, eyes, face, eyebrows, and more! Create yourself into a 1920s beauty! I have also compiled a list of YouTube videos where real women share their tutorials on how to achieve this look. Click on the images to view the video…welcome to the roaring 20’s!
1920s makeup
The 1920s makeup for the eyes were very dark. The eye lids were smeared with black eyeliner and usually topped with dark gray eyeshadow, add a pop of turquoise or green too if you’d like! Today this would be called the “Smokey eye” look.
1920s makeup lips
1920s Lips
Find deep red, deep brownish reds, plum or orange lipsticks to wear for the early twenties. For the end of the twenties, wear colors like rose, raspberry or medium red.The lipstick is applied as a “cupids bow” to the upper lip and extended at the lower lip.
1920s makeup eyebrows
1920s Eyebrows
1920s eyebrows are very high, thin and arched usually drawn in pencil. Cover your normal eyebrows using nose putty or soap. Use concealer or camouflage makeup to hide them by blending with your skin tone, then draw away!
1920s makeup
1920 Face Makeup Routine
1. Exfoliate to give a clear base of makeup.
2. Cleanse the face to remove shine.
3. Apply a makeup primer.
4. Apply a foundation. You want a very pale look so use a foundation 2-3 shaders paler than your skin tone.
5. Apply blush to your cheek bones…a cherry red is the most authentic.

Live 1920s Makeup Video Tutorials – Just click on the photos to watch the YouTube Video!

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