The Very Hungry Caterpillar Toe Print Craft For Kids

toe print hungry caterpillar craft

This kids craft idea is SOO cute! It is inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar! For this art project, you can expect to get a little messy with paint. You will paint the kiddos toes and they will LOVE it!

toe print hungry caterpillar craft

You will need red and green paint, a paintbrush, a set of toes, and a white piece of paper. You might also want some paper towels to clean up the mess 🙂

caterpillar toe print craft

Start by painting the child’s big toe red and the rest with green paint.

hungry caterpillar craft toe print

Have them press their toes against the white piece of paper on the floor. Lift up carefully!

toe print caterpillar kids craft

After the toe prints are dry, grab a black sharpie and have them draw legs, antennas, and a face.

toe print hungry caterpillar craft

Cut the caterpillar’s out and go play with them outside on some leaves!! 😀

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