How to Stop Duplicate Posts on Your Google+ Profile After Posting in Communities

  stop duplicate posts on google+ profile stop duplicate posts on communities in google+
If you have noticed after posting in Google+ communities that your profile is now covered in duplicate posts have no fear! You can make it STOP! 😉 I have seen so many profiles that are filled with 3-5 of the same pictures and it makes you think they are spammy but thats not true! Someone could have content related to 4 communities which would be beneficial but they’re turning people away from adding them by not following this one easy tip…
The directions are very simple to follow:
  1. From the main page of Google+ hover over the “Home” button on your top left of the screen.
  2. Go down to “Settings” and click on it.

3. Scroll down to the “Profile” section. UNCHECK the “Show your Google+ communities posts on the Posts tab of your Google+ profile” part.
There you have it! Never will another duplicate post from a Community group show up on your Google+ profile! Let me know if it worked for you!

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