Free Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Coloring Pages

Around Christmas time, kids always want to color something fun! Here I have compiled my favorite FREE reindeer coloring pages for you guys! Instead of paying for a whole coloring book, just print off your favorite ones. If you are a teacher, print two pages and copy them back to back on a sheet of paper!

Rudolphs Family Coloring Sheet– Here is a coloring page that shows little Rudolph with his two parents smiling at his nose.

Ruloph with Santa Clause– Rudolph is standing next to Santa while he eats a cookie inside a house.

Rudolph with Dad Coloring Page– Rudolph’s dad is touching his red nose while it shines brightly.

Rudolph Leading Santa’s Sleigh– Here shows Rudolph with another reindeer flying in the sky, leading Santa’s sleigh.

Comet and Rudolph– Cute comet with her bow is smiling at Rudolph.

Rudolph with an Elf Coloring Page– Here the reindeer is playing with Hermey the elf!

Rudolph, Santa, and Hermey the Elf– Coloring page of the three characters!

You can always find more Reindeer coloring sheets on Google Images but beware that some sites can give you viruses!

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