Creative Father’s Day Cards for Kids to Make

Here are some of my favorite homemade Father’s Day cards for kids or adults to make! Just click on the text or photo to see how to make it with step by step instructions!


Fingerprint Monkey Father’s Day Card


Have your kids dip their fingers in paint to make some cute monkeys hanging on a rope!

Grill Master Father’s Day Card


Using mike and ike candy you can turn them into little hot dogs roasting on a grill for dad!

M&M Tie Father’s Day Card


Shape a bag of m&ms into a tie for a cute Father’s day card!

You’re Out of this World Card


Have your kids make a footprint rocket and stick on a milky way candy bar to make a creative card!

Stay Cool Popsicle Card


Use some mike and ikes to make little popsicles for a Father’s Day card!

Fingerprint Dandelion Card


Have your kids dip their fingers in paint to make these cute dandelions!

Gold Metal Father’s Day Gift


If you have an empty laughing cow cheese container, you can make this fun gold metal card for dad.

Dollar Bill Origami Shirt Father’s Day Card


Turn a twenty dollar bill into a t-shirt for a father’s day card!

Love You Berry Much Fingerprint Card


Have your kids make berries with paint and their fingerprints!

You’re One in a Minion Father’s Day Card


Paint a minion and glue on a bottle cap to make a Father’s Day card!

Meaningful Handprint Card


Trace your child’s handprint to make this adorable card.

Handprint Football #1 Fan Card


Paint your child’s hand to make a football print!

Fishing Father’s Day Card


Using some swedish fish candy you can make a cool card for dad!

“You’re the Vest Dad” Card


For the dads who love boating or canoeing!

Love You a Bunch Father’s Day Card


Make a bunch of grapes with kids thumbprints and purple paint!

You’re My Sunshine Noodle Father’s Day Card


Grab some noodles from the pantry and make a cute sun to brighten up daddy’s day!

Handprint Pirate Father’s Day Card


Paint your child’s hand to make a pirate…it’s perfect for telling dad how gRRReat he is!

Golf Tee Father’s Day Card


Have the kids use their fingerprints to make a golf ball on top of a tee!

King of the Grill Father’s Day Card


If dad or grandpa is a grill master, make a lion using a fork and orange paint!

More coming soon…stay tuned! 🙂

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  1. What a wonderful post!! I absolutely LOVE all of these card ideas for Father’s Day….very cute and creative. Thanks for sharing 🙂 (Mel – Melly Moments)

  2. These are the cutest card ideas, ever! Love what you did with items easy to find or inexpensive, which is awesome! I will have to try these and show you how mine come out 🙂 New follower and excited to see all your fun creations.

  3. These cards are so stinkin cute and creative I can hardly stand it! I featured them in my Father’s Day Roundup here:

  4. These are so cute!!!! Thank u 🙂

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