Princess and The Frog Birthday Cake and Cupcake Ideas

Looking for Disney’s Princess and the frog birthday cake ideas? You’ve found the right place! Search through a variety of Princess Tiana cake and cupcakes! Also find cake toppers, images, pictures, and birthday supplies to have a wonderful princess and the frog party!

princess and the frog cake

princess and the frog cake

Make the cute Princess and The Frog Cupcakes by buying some vanilla frosting and dying half light green. You can achieve this color by putting 1 or 2 drops of green food coloring into the frosting mix. Spread the frosting out and squeeze two large white eyeballs, making sure to add a little green on the back (eyelids) for the completed frog look. You can then take some black gel frosting from the tube and draw pupils and a smile!

Princess Tiana Doll Figure

Stick a Princess Tiana doll from the movie right into the middle of the cake! It’s easy to make at home and a way cheaper alternative than the bakery!

princess and the frog cake princess and the frog cake princess and the frog cake


princess frog cake topperPut this Princess and the Frog Tiana figure on top of your cake! Then all you have to do is make your scenery around Princess Tiana such as a pond, dress or lily pads.


Princess & The Frog Cake Pictures

Princess and The Frog Cake -“Yay!! My first Princess and the Frog cake. Three tier yellow cake filled with strawberries and bananas.”

Princess and The Frog Cake– This princess and the frog cake as a barbie in it! – very cute.

Two Tier Princess Cake – Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream all the way.

The Princess & The Frog Cake – White butter cake with fresh strawberry filling covered in vanilla buttercream. All accents were made of marshmallow fondant

Alyssa’s Princess -“I made this cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday, All edible. It was a challenge making the princess! Lol…But she loved it!”

Princess & the Frog Cake – I didn’t think my modeling was the best on this cake (I blame the fact that it was my 7th cake of the week! lol). I was relatively pleased with it though, as you all know….I’m fairly new to the modeling world!”

Fondant Princess & the Frog Cake -“This was my first attempt at fondant and it wasn’t a traditional fondant it was a buttercream fondant that was harder to use but tasted waaaay better.”

Princess Cake – Princess & the frog cake with a pretty sparkly dress.

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