50% Off Plastic Pumpkin Teeth for your Jack O’ Lantern’s Mouth + Free Shipping for Halloween!

pumpkin teethpumpkin teeth plastic for jackolaterns
Here’s a super fun idea for carving your pumpkins this year! You can score these plastic varieties of pumpkin teeth to stick in your jack o laterns mouths for 50% off! You literally just carve the mouth shape and stick these in. I think the pumpkins could look hilarious with the regular shaped teeth or scary with the pointier ones. These are only $6.95 including free 2 day shipping with Prime memberships regularly $12.95! Check out these ones people have made…(Love the shark one!)
pumpkins with fake plastic teeth

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit – Pumpkin Teeth for your Jack O’ Latern – Set of 18 White Shark Teeth are long plastic teeth that you can embed into your pumpkin (or gourd, melon, whatever you want!) They come in 3 sizes and can be re-used, making every Halloween just a little bit spookier! Decorating your pumpkin has never been so creepy!

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