FREE Android App – Inverse Universe – Room Escape (Reg $1.99!)

Grab this free android app called Inverse Universe- Room Escape by downloading it from Amazon! There seems to be some good reviews on it so give it a try if you’re bored 🙂 Remember, you can only get it free today!

“Escaped rooms before? How about two universes collapsing together? The goal of Inverse Universe Escape is to escape multiple rooms by discovering clues, solving puzzles, and finding and using objects found throughout the two universes. Your motivation is to prevent these two universes from collapsing together completely and destroying everything within them. Though unsolvable in their own universes, many puzzles can be solved by bringing objects in one universe to the other and seeing what the inverse effects are on the other side; for example, closing a door on one side could open it on the other side.”

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