Fingerprint Sheep Mother’s Day Card Idea

Have your kids make this adorable fingerprint sheep Mother’s Day card for mom! It says “I love you Maa!” at the top which makes it sound like “baaa” from a sheep, hehe! I think any mom would find this cute.


You will need black/purple paper, a ribbon, 2 googly eyes, white paint, scissors, and glue.


Fold a piece of purple paper in half to make a card. Have the kids dip their pointer finger in white paint and stamp it in a circle.


Cut out a sheep’s face and legs with the black paper. Glue them on including two googly eyes!

sheep-fingerprint-mothers-day-card-    fingerprint-sheep-mothers-day-card

Glue on a pretty polka-dot bow and write “I love you Maa!” at the top of card. So cute!

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