Fingerprint Carrot and Bunny Craft for Kids

 If you love crafts that involve kid’s little fingerprints, this ones for you! Have them make some fingerprint carrots and bunnies! It could be perfect for an Easter card.


You can keep it as simple as the carrots or go to the last picture on the page to add bunnies and dirt.

washable-crayola-paints  green-bakers-twine

You will need orange/brown/white washable paint, piece of paper, bakers twine, scissors, and a brown marker.


Start by drawing a wiggly line with a brown marker to make the dirt.


Have your kids dip their thumbs first into washable orange paint and press it against the brown line.


Next, have them dip their pointer finger.


And last but not least, use their pinky for the bottom!


Grab some green/white bakers twine and cut them up in little pieces.


Glue them above the brown line. Add some brown fingerprint bunnies if you want (2 fingerprints, dab of white paint, and drawing 2 brown ears).


To finish off the craft you can have your kids dip their finger in brown paint and cover the bottom like it’s dirt!

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  1. Martha Lucia Uribe Pico says

    Wonderful and easy idea to be developed with kids. They would love it !!!

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